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In today’s era, mobile is the most important way to know where someone is, from social media websites on mobile to chatting, for example, we can know whether he is online or not, whether he is reading the information we send or not.

But, knowing this may lead to some problems, so most of the people prefer to keep this (online) thing hidden. It is their own choice and there is nothing wrong with it.

And there is Google Play Store Offline Chat and no last seen application which can help in this kind of thing. So, this article is the best web article about it.

Why use Offline Chat?

For example, you are chatting on WhatsApp and many people like your loved ones or family are on WhatsApp and if they know that you are online when you are chatting with someone else then they will get angry for not replying.

It is true that this causes problems in relationships, and to avoid this sometimes they prefer to chat offline. So, there are some offline chatting applications that can help in this matter. But of all we should choose the best application, right?

We should get that from a reliable quality website and that is this Play Store Offline Chat application. More importantly, it will contain everything from detailed descriptions, downloadability, and developer commentary.

Note: Welcome to the article stating that this article is made for those who want to know more details and download based on their own choice.

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Offline Chat On Play Store

App roleWhatsApp
Official SitePlay Store
Nowadays reviews13K reviews
Nowadays Install1M+
Published byVersionApp
App PolicyPolicy

Developer Opinion

Desire to engage in text conversations on WhatsApp with a veil of anonymity? Wish to navigate your messages discreetly, avoiding the telltale markers like “last seen” and the dreaded blue ticks? Furthermore, do you yearn to resurrect erased messages and preserve statuses without a trace?

Crucial Note: To harness the power of this application, WhatsApp must reside on your device, alongside a stable internet connection.

Offline Chat for WhatsApp emerges as a user-friendly application, weaving a tapestry of possibilities. Within its realm, you may peruse incoming WhatsApp missives, savor dulcet voice notes, luxuriate in images and videos, all while maintaining a phantom presence. Say goodbye to conspicuous blue ticks and arrows that betray your presence.

Noteworthy Offerings:

  1. Engage in message exchanges without a hint of a modified “last seen” status.
  2. Breathe life into deleted messages and multimedia treasures, encompassing voice notes, images, and animated stickers.
  3. Savor the symphony of voice messages.
  4. Initiate and partake in the visual feasts of pictures and expressive stickers.
  5. Seamlessly curate and circulate WhatsApp statuses, as if they were personal stories to treasure.
  6. Directly engage with WhatsApp contacts, sans the need to clutter your address book (Direct Chat).
  7. Engage in voice and video calls, all the while remaining incognito.
  8. Stay vigilant and informed about the vanishing act – be notified when someone scrubs messages or media from their WhatsApp tapestry.

A Gentle Reminder:

  • For users on Android versions lower than 9.0, an affirmative nod towards auto backup is essential. (Navigate to the app: Offline Chat –> Menu –> Enable Auto Backup) to resuscitate deleted voice notes.
  • In the absence of voice or video calls, venture into the app’s contact page and refresh your contact ensemble.
  • In cases where certain features exhibit eccentricities, it’s often an Android version compatibility hiccup.

Our app seeks access to Accessibility services, with utmost respect for your data. No information collection, alteration of user settings, or interface tampering will occur. This permission serves three singular purposes:

  1. Unveil specific WhatsApp chats with precision.
  2. Trigger the ‘Send,’ ‘Video,’ or ‘Voice Call’ buttons.
  3. Curtail WhatsApp’s operation when necessary.

Essential Permissions:

Upon installation, the app extends a polite request for notification access (essential for message reception).

Mandatory Clearances:

  • Read access to your contacts.
  • Read and write privileges to storage.
  • Permission to initiate phone calls.

Points to Ponder: Regrettably, messaging and image transmission features remain off-limits for Android versions predating 5.0. (Message reception, however, remains accessible).

Shorts kk Offline Chat
Shorts kk Offline Chat


This application stands as an independent entity, bearing no affiliations with corporate giants, including WhatsApp LLC.

We underscore that all product names, logos, brands, trademarks, and registered trademarks herein belong to their rightful proprietors. This application employs these monikers, trademarks, and brands solely for identification purposes.

The use of these titles does not indicate any form of endorsement. Offline Chat, a creation of ours, maintains its identity as an unofficial WhatsApp tool. We disclaim any affiliation, association, authorization, endorsement, or official connection to WhatsApp Inc.

Demo Image Of Offline Chat, No last seen App

  • Offline Chat, No last seen
  • Offline Chat, No last seen
  • Offline Chat, No last seen
  • Offline Chat, No last seen
  • Offline Chat, No last seen
  • Offline Chat, No last seen
  • Offline Chat, No last seen
  • Offline Chat, No last seen

How to Download Offline Chat App?

Regarding the opportunity to download this offline chat application, the article is going to provide you with two methods, both of which are an attempt to give a better understanding.

It means that it is designed entirely for the audience, and it is worth noting that it was developed after we tried it, and the explanations about it are below.

The first part is to go straight to the Google Play Store and install it, which requires a trust to get there. That means only those who think that the information read in this website article is enough will have the opportunity to go right away, click this section, for example you have to fully trust Google Play Store.

The second part is the part where the comments made by the developer have been incorporated without change, after reading it based on personal preference, i.e., if you like it, you can go to the play store, and those who like it can use the green button below. Otherwise, you can check out some other articles on our website.

Should you detect any content within our app that encroaches upon copyright sanctity, kindly apprise us via

Let’s talk about Offline Chat article

As per this article it is considered that you can hide online status and last scene from social media sites that you can use, that’s why it is downloaded and used by more than 1 million people from google play store and 13 thousand people have posted their feedback.

The main fact is that we also use it and give it to you in the form of an article. And since it’s been in the Google Play Store for years, you should definitely give it a try, and we think the possibility that you can use it with your social media application is a good decision to make on your own. So, whatever you recommend to others and what you use may be based on your preference, we wish you the best.

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