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Do other people easily guess and try to unlock whatever lock methods they use? Is your phone vulnerable? Then here comes a great Picture Password application.

Yes, it is indeed a pitch password application that can lock your phone with a different method which you can handle very easily.

do you understand This article provides the best explanation and download option about it. This Picture Password application is taken from the Google Play Store then used by our website team and given to you after verifying its authenticity.

And this Picture Password application is downloaded and used by one lakh people, and it is likely to increase further in the future. The reason is that it has such a different working capacity, so let’s have a look at the detailed descriptions of it.

It’s worth noting that it has been in the Google Play Store since 2016 till now, so long it’s in the Play Store, it’s working well, and policy can always be followed. That means the policy is the fact that the policy can be adhered to in the Google Play Store.

Note: This feature password app can be installed and used, we have added more information about it, such as the creator’s comment, and our comment, and the downloadable feature is designed to go to the Play Store, hope it helps you.


Play Store Picture Password App

App roleLock Screen
Official SitePlay Store
Nowadays reviews1.46K reviews
Nowadays Install100K+
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Author contactdao.le.2511@gmail.com
App PolicyPolicy

Developer Opinion

In the realm of mobile security, behold an innovation that transforms the mundane act of screen locking into an artistry of cognition.

Embrace the intrigue as we elucidate a cryptic dance of numbers and imagery, amalgamating into an impassable fortress for your device.

Behold the enigmatic symphony of the picture password—a melodic blend of singular numerical musings, ranging from the cryptic cipher of naught to the zenith of nine. Within this digital tapestry, an image awaits your selection, a canvas for your encrypted desires.

The visage of security unfurls in a myriad of fonts, each a bespoke brushstroke, an ode to personalization and distinction.

Crafted with diversity in mind, the fonts are a testament to the fusion of security and aesthetics, forging a shield that’s both resolute and idiosyncratic.

Shall we embark on the ritual of establishing the picture password? The ballet of digits commences:

  • Ascend to Level II of the picture password—a sanctuary for forgotten keys and a realm of password metamorphosis.
  • Select a tableau from a curated gallery of memories.
  • From the digital spectrum, summon a digit betwixt naught and nine.
  • Imprint this chosen cipher upon the chosen tableau, a symbiotic embrace between number and image.
  • Validate your alliance by coaxing the chosen digit to its destined location within the image, birthing the key to unlock this enigmatic screen.

And now, the unlocking pas de deux:

  1. Effortlessly waltz the chosen digit to its predetermined abode upon the chosen image, an act of confirmation and harmonious reunion.
  2. Should the digital minuet falter, and the password dance in error for ten repetitions, the sentinel of Level II beckons, demanding entrance to restore the equilibrium.

Behold the opulence of features within this version’s digital tableau:

  • An icon, granting passage to the sanctum of settings.
  • The ritual of embedding the passcode within the picture password is an esoteric symbiosis.
  • A palette of customization—imbued with the power to summon or dispel the passcode’s shroud.
  • A cornucopia of hues, fonts, and chronometric tapestries, adorning the waiting screen in the theatre of time.

Play Store Demo Photos Of Picture Password

  • Picture Password
  • Picture Password Screen App
  • Picture Password Lock Screen App

Second example

If you don’t understand well, open (Show More) the information below:

Unlocking Your Phone’s Secrets: A Guide to Picture Passwords In the world of mobile security, there exists a remarkable marvel—the Picture Password—a unique guardian of your smartphone.

It unravels the secrets of your phone’s gateway using a combination of numbers from 0 to 9 and a specific point on the screen. This artistic tapestry of security offers more than just protection—it is a symbol of individuality and safety.

Creating Your Cryptic Canvas

To set up a Picture Password, follow these steps to weave your own cryptic tableau:

Ascend to Picture Password Level II: Think of this as a sacred space where your password evolves and forgotten pathways find sanctuary.

Choose an Essence from Captured Memories: Select a meaningful image from your gallery.

Select a Numeral Gem: Pick a number between 0 and 9 displayed on the screen.

Imprint the Numeral Gem on the Essence: Place the chosen number within a circle on a part of the chosen image by tapping with your fingertip.

Tether the Numeral Gem to the Essence: This action seals the cryptographic covenant, revealing the path to unlocking your phone’s embrace.

Unlocking Your Phone with Picture Password

Here’s how to use this unique security feature:

Trace the Numeral Gem to Its Destined Place: Gently follow the chosen number to its designated spot on the chosen image to unlock your phone.

If You Face Difficulty: If you make ten unsuccessful attempts, Picture Password Level II will come into play to help you access your phone.

Embracing the Art of Picture Password

Appreciate the features of Picture Password for a seamless experience:

Widget Configurations Sanctuary: Tailor your widgets according to your preferences.

Passcode Enshrinement: Integrate passcodes into the cryptic tableau of imagery.

Artistic Toggling Ballet: Explore the ballet of enabling and disabling, enhancing the passcode veil.

Aesthetic Palette: Personalize the appearance of your vigilant screen using different colors, fonts, and visual elements during moments of repose.

Embark on your journey through this cryptic gallery, painting the canvas of security with the vibrant hues of Picture Password. Enjoy the security and individuality it brings to your mobile experience.

Magic Picture Password Lock Screen
Magic Picture Password Lock Screen

Picture Password Download

We have tried to give you two unique ways to download it first and try to give you the best information and complete explanation in both ways. Below is a description of the initiative and the opportunity to achieve it.

Note: Note that both the Picture Password App Download methods below are for you, it will take you to the download area, so choose whichever one you need:

The first way is this article, if you are satisfied with the information we have read, then click this section to install it immediately.

This way is a part that contains the comment made by the developer without change, go to that part and go directly to google play store from there, access the green button below to get it.

May your journey through this encrypted sonnet be as mellifluous as the finest ballad and may your picture password be a virtuoso of safeguarding, forever serenading your digital soul.

Frequently Asked Questions about Picture Passwords

Below is a great opportunity to answer some of your questions about this Picture Passwords app, which is also provided for your understanding:

What is a Picture Password?

A Picture Password is a unique security feature that allows you to unlock your smartphone using a combination of a chosen image and specific numbers displayed on the screen.

How does Picture Password work App?

To set up a Picture Password, you choose an image and a specific point on the screen. During the unlocking process, you trace a predefined number displayed on the screen to its designated spot on the chosen image.

Why use a Picture Password App?

Picture Passwords offer a more personalized and engaging way to unlock your phone, enhancing security while reflecting your individuality through the chosen image and associated numeric patterns.

Is a Picture Password secure?

Yes, Picture Passwords are secure. They offer an additional layer of protection and can be as complex as traditional PINs or passwords. The combination of the chosen image and numeric patterns adds to the security of your device.

Can I change my Picture Password?

Yes, you can change your Picture Password anytime. Simply go to your device’s settings and follow the instructions to reset and create a new Picture Password.

What if I forget my Picture Password?

If you forget your Picture Password, after ten unsuccessful attempts, the system will prompt you to use an alternative unlocking method or passcode to gain access to your phone.

Can I disable Picture Password if I don’t want to use it anymore?

Yes, you can disable the Picture Password feature in your device settings. Navigate to the security settings and choose a different unlocking method or passcode.

Can I use any image for my Picture Password?

Yes, you can use any image from your gallery to set up your Picture Password. It’s advisable to choose an image that’s meaningful and easy for you to remember.

Can I use Picture Password on any smartphone?

Picture Password is available on smartphones and operating systems supporting this feature. Check your device’s settings to see if this option is available.

Is Picture Password Level II necessary?

Picture Password Level II is an additional security measure. It comes into play after ten unsuccessful attempts to unlock your phone, providing an alternative unlocking method to ensure you can access your device.

Let’s talk about the Picture Password article

As far as you know this article is about mobile screen lock application which can be locked with a unique (Image Password) method.

For example if other people know what kind of lock mechanism you are using, they will try to open it but when they don’t know what you are locking your phone with then no one will have a chance to try.

It is worth noting that this will increase security and eliminate unnecessary distractions for the mobile, which is the fact that photo lock app is designed for this purpose. Hence the fact that we have provided this in the article. So, use it and recommend it to your friends and thanks for your patience reading this.

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