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Touch display in mobile is desirable for all, but it can have some issues at times. That means there is a chance to open some options on the mobile with unnecessary friction.

For example, when you receive a WhatsApp call on your mobile phone, if you encounter some friction from your pocket, then there is a chance that the WhatsApp call will automatically be cut or attended.

So, in moments like this, you need to seek better help, or maybe you need some help even if you don’t want them to pick up your WhatsApp calls without your permission. But it depends on you what you are looking for help with.

But we’re not only going to give you a way to control your mobile touch display at all times, so what we’ve said is just a small example.

Got it! You can use it on mobile for any purpose because mobile touch display is helpful for many things when you put it under your control, that’s what we are focusing this Disable Touch App article on.

However, anything needs an example, so here are a few. So, when you get a WhatsApp call on your mobile touch display and you think that no one should pick it up then it will help you to put your touch on hold at that moment.

It’s true! This Disable Touch App will help you this is an application that is taken from the Google Play Store, and you can download it from there, the opportunity to go there is going to be given in our article.

Note: Also, since 2021 this application is in play store and more importantly it is only 6 MB so it doesn’t overload the mobile but still does a great job. right? Come and get a chance to download this application without delay.

Safe WhatsApp Disable Touch App
Safe WhatsApp Disable Touch Application

Play Stire Disable Touch App

App RoleWhatsApp
ReferGoogle Play Store
Download (Nowadays)10K+ (154 reviews)

According to the developer of DISABLED Touch App

Inhibit unintentional screen taps with this application.

Steps to Implement the Touch Disable Application:

  • Download and initiate the application.
  • Authorize the requested permissions.
  • Select “Display Notification” above to activate the governing notification, then Interact with the notification to release the blockade.
  • Alternatively, utilize the Swift Settings Tile for simplified accessibility. (compatible with Android 7 and above)
  • Guidelines within the application are also at your disposal to facilitate your initiation.

Attributes of the Touch Disable Application:

  • Automatic unlocking upon incoming call
  • Swift settings tile functionality
  • Dismissable governing notification
  • Nocturnal aesthetic

Remark: Presently, this application does not immobilize the navigation controls and status bar.

Demo Images Of Disable Touch App

  • Touch Lock Disabler: Prevent Unwanted Touches
  • TouchGuard: Prevent Unintended Touches
  • TouchGuard: Prevent Unintended Touches
  • TouchGuard: Prevent Unintended Touches
  • TouchGuard: Prevent Unintended Touches

Should you wish to report glitches or provide feedback, reach out to us at

Download Disable Touch App

People who download the application should go directly to the Play Store, only then you will get the original application policy followed by a future update, Google Play Store will take responsibility for your security, look below to get such an opportunity that is waiting for you.

Note: Since there are two ways to install it, we guarantee that it will have a clear explanation.

Easily prevent accidental touches with TouchGuard. Auto-unlock on calls, quick settings tile, and more. Android 7+ supported.
TouchGuard: Prevent Unwanted Touches

The first option is to go to the Play Store to install the option, and the second option is to go directly if you are satisfied with the information in this article, if you want to do so, click on this section.

The second option is the feedback given by the developer who created the Disable Touch application without change, (part of which is collected and provided) which is also given in our shortskk site, which is created for your need for further understanding.

Maybe after watching it, you can go to the Play Store from there click the green button below and both are made for you.

What is the Disable Touch App and what does it do?

The disabled Touch App is an application available on the Google Play Store that allows users to temporarily disable the touch functionality of their mobile touch display. This can be helpful in preventing accidental actions, especially during incoming calls or other moments of potential friction.

Why would I want to disable the touch functionality on my mobile device?

Disabling the touch functionality on your mobile device can be beneficial in situations where you want to avoid accidental actions, such as answering or ending a call when the phone is in your pocket.

Can you provide an example scenario where the Disable Touch App would be useful?

Sure, for instance, when you receive a WhatsApp call and the phone is in your pocket, the Disable Touch App can prevent accidental acceptance or rejection of the call by temporarily disabling the touch screen.

How do I use the Disable Touch App to control my mobile touch display?

Once the disabled Touch App is installed, you can activate it to temporarily disable the touch functionality, ensuring that you have control over when and how you interact with your mobile device.

Is the Disable Touch App easy to use and lightweight?

Yes, the disabled Touch App is user-friendly and lightweight, only consuming 6 MB of space on your device. It is designed to provide a seamless experience without overloading your mobile phone.

Where can I download the Disable Touch App?

The Disable Touch App is available for download on the Google Play Store. You can easily find and download the app from there to enhance control over your mobile touch display.

Is the Disable Touch App available for all types of mobile devices?

Yes, as long as your mobile device uses the Android operating system, you can download and use the Disable Touch App from the Google Play Store.

Are there any other applications similar to the Disable Touch App that I should consider?

While the Disable Touch App is a popular choice, there may be other similar applications available on the Google Play Store. It’s advisable to explore and compare options to find the app that best meets your needs.

Some of our thoughts:

Nowadays touch display in mobile is preferred by a large number of people because touch display can understand and work with the feeling of touching the mobile with hands.

In fact, it gives us such a great experience to watch and use that we should always benefit from such an experience and not find even minor problems.

If there is a problem, it should be solved immediately. We have given you this Disable Touch App to solve it. We have also started using it. See you in the next article. Thank you for your visit and reading.

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