Full Status: Create a Stunning full screen WhatsApp status making app

Full Status Create a Stunning full screen WhatsApp status making app
Note: All the apps you see in our ShortsKk website article are taken from Google Play Store. Note that app developer content taken from there is linked for your understanding.
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If you are a WhatsApp user, now the only full screen whatsapp status making app has arrived which can solve all your whatsapp status related problems.

Yes, this full-screen video status editor app mobile application can get many types of help and more importantly, it is a Google Play Store full-screen status app added feature.

That is, you can handle WhatsApp very easily with one best full screen status maker apps, and that’s what the article is talking about WhatsApp status making.

So, it is helpful for more things like editing, uploading, making, etc. (Status Saver & Uploader: Download, Split & Share Full WhatsApp Videos. Save, upload, and enjoy longer statuses effortlessly.)

We have indeed come to suggest only clear explanations about this whatsapp full video status app, that is to avoid talking about unnecessary things and you can know that this website article is an opportunity to apply to you (full screen whatsapp status app download) by fully understanding the important concepts.

What is whatsapp status saver app?

Usually, this kind of status saver app helps with your status videos in WhatsApp, long status videos can’t fit in WhatsApp. It can be trimmed and fitted into separate pieces, so the fitted video can be played appropriately and the AGA will help you.

It also helps to play your WhatsApp status in full screen, not only that but it also has many other features, all of which you can see while using the application.

If not, you can know more clearly by looking at the comments made by the creator, important information about it is available in this whatsapp status saver app download section, come and get an opportunity to go there.

Note: First you need to know that this is an application taken from Google Play Store. And it is recommended to you after using it by our website team.

More importantly this app to save whatsapp status has been on play store since 2020, so it is a great status saver app, it has captured the hearts of many people, more than one lakh people are using it till now and it may increase in future.

And especially this full screen whatsapp status making app comes with only nine MBs, so it only gives a light feel to the mobile and does not give a burden. Use this status saver download application without fail and get all the help for your whatsapp status.

full screen whatsapp status making app
full screen status making app

Play Store full screen video status maker app

App roleWhatsApp
Official SitePlay Store
Nowadays reviews2.06K reviews
Nowadays Install100K+
Published byLegionZ
Author contactmailtoqasim795@gmail.com
App Policyhttps://legendzdeletedphotorecovery.blogspot.com/2021/10/privacy-policy-for-deleted-photo.html

Features of the Status Saver and Uploader App:

  • Effortlessly save WhatsApp statuses with a user-friendly interface.
  • Browse and download statuses from your friends and family effortlessly.
  • Share statuses that exceed 30 seconds by uploading longer videos.
  • Efficiently manage multiple saves and deletions with multi-save support.
  • Organize your saved content with separate tabs for images and videos.
  • Download high-definition videos and photos with ease.
  • Seamlessly share or repost downloaded status videos and photos.
  • Experience the convenience of a compact, lightweight, and space-efficient application.

How to full screen whatsapp status making app?

1) Install and launch the application.
2) Choose your preferred option and begin seamlessly.
3) Access advanced and diverse options.
4) Pick your favorite status, effortlessly download any of them.
5) Share complete videos as your status effortlessly.
6) Store all your downloaded statuses in the Gallery.
7) Easily transform video statuses into audio MP3 files.
8) Should you wish to remove any saved status, deletion is simple.
9) We appreciate your download of this application.

How to download full screen whatsapp status app?

Before downloading the full screen WhatsApp status making app you will get two opportunities through our ShortsKk website article, after seeing those opportunities you can download, the opportunities are given to you below and take advantage of them.

full screen video status maker app
status saver app

Chance to download status saver app

Note that before installing this status server application you need to check two parts, the description of which is below, it will be the interesting part:

Status saver download app first part: Don’t worry about the first part, it is this part if you have enough information discussed and read till now then click this part to download directly.

Status saver app download Second chance: Second chance is the decision to go to the play store where you can see the comments made by the developer.

Maybe if you make that decision then go to that (developer part) part, after reading it completely if you want you can go directly to play door from there i.e., go to install part, click the green button below to get it.

status saver download app
status saver app download

Let’s talk about full screen whatsapp status making app!

Regarding this article it is made for WhatsApp lovers. True, it should be a good website article and a good application when it is made for WhatsApp lovers.

So, we are not worried about such thing because we have directly taken help of play store and that’s why we recommend this full screen WhatsApp status making app application.

Disclaimer: When working with the WhatsApp application, i.e., when you use it, consider that it is necessary to follow the recommendations in the WhatsApp application.

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