Secure: Your Encrypted Dial Button Vault App

Secure Your Encrypted Dial Button Vault Application
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You’ve probably heard a lot about Vault, many videos, many articles have been published about it. But a real vault means something that can be hidden from anyone.

Yes, no one else should know what you are hiding in your phone, (never guess) a chance that is so special Dial Button Vault is what you are going to see in this article.

It is a dialpad, this application allows you to hide your documents from prying eyes. And that’s what makes this Dial Button Vault application available through Google Play Store so special.

Because Google play store is the most trusted website by people of the world and after much search we found this Dial Button Vault application which is used by more than 1 million people.

And it is worth noting that we have also written an article about this in some of our website, however it is true that play store publishes the application for us after following the policy.

So, let’s travel a bit further and see the interesting explanations to see the details about this application.

Your Encrypted Dial Button Vault

App roleVault
Official SitePlay Store
Nowadays reviews54.1K
Nowadays Install1M+
Published byPhoto Video Vault Security
App Policy

How Does Dial Button Vault App Work?

For this application the dial pad on your mobile will do the work, you can enter the number of your choice and you can make a call with others, let’s call it outgoing call.

However, by entering a specific secret number and pressing the call button, a secret room opens at the back, in which you can secretly hide some documents that you think no one should know, such as your photos and videos.

Note: Its main feature is that it has such a feature at the back end that no one knows (no doubt) that the secret vault is working for us.

How to install it?

You can install this application on your mobile instantly and it’s very easy, just go to the google play store.

More than 1 million people have installed it, and our website team has designed it to be unique and intuitive, so if you’re interested in getting it, come on down.

Dial Button Vault App

Download option

We have divided it into two options for you, see clearly:

First option: First option is to go to Google Play Store, and you can install it, click this section if you want to go there directly. If you do this you can get the chance to download the same way over a million people have, you just have to trust the play store.

Second Chance: More Details We have also designed a special section for those who need more details, that section contains the comments of the developer who created this Dial Button Vault application, go there and get a chance to download it after seeing it all. Click the green button below to get your chance.

Let’s talk about Dial Button Vault!

Generally, everyone has the idea that they may have some confidential documents in their mobile phone, and this is not wrong.

For example, photos taken with lovers before marriage, school students take photos with friends without the knowledge of their parents, they also keep it a secret during this period.

So, if you want to share it with everyone in the future, but you don’t want to suffer some pain in the present, you need a proper place to hide it, and this Dial Button Vault application is helpful for such a need.

And mobile is within everyone’s reach. No matter how secure you are with a password, you will have to give your phone to your loved ones and relatives.

So, it is used to prevent people who open your phone in such moments from seeing your secret photos and videos. So give it a clear look and post your comment and you can spend your time on other articles on our website for more great articles.

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