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Here is the only photo vault application that can provide light when we are walking in the dark and hide the documents that we think we need to protect secretly in the dark.

Yes, with this one vault application, you can hide your confidential documents without anyone knowing. At the same time, it is a torch light application so it will show you the light in the dark.

So, this torch photo vault application that gives you a different viewing experience is discovered by the play store and recommended. Information related to this application and comments made by him is included here.

Not only that, more than 5 lakh people are using it to date, so you can use it without any worries and know the related information today.

What is the Flashlight photo vault application for?

This will help you hide your confidential photos, videos, and documents. Don’t be afraid of secrets, every man has a secret.

That is, if there are some things that can be shared with everyone in the future, but cannot be shared in the present, the best Google Play Store vault applications like this help to hide them for some time.

Is it the best photo vault application?

No doubt about it, this is the best Android vault application. For example, till now we are seeing more than five lakh installs. And more than 6000 people have given their opinion (review & ratings). Also, this is an application released following the policy of the best Google Play Store, so try using it.

photo vault app play store details

App roleVault
Official SitePlay Store
Nowadays reviews6.89K reviews
Nowadays Install500,000+
Published byCillDeMops
App Policy

Flashlight Locker photo vault is a gallery lock app that can hide your secret photos and videos from your phone gallery to this secret vault. Lock and Hide Photos, Videos, Audio, Gallery, or any file.

The flashlight is not only a flashlight; you can hide and lock your photos, videos, notes, and more files and folders behind this SECRET VAULT flashlight locker.

More Details of Flashlight vault

Official Site
Download Size3MB
Released onJan 4, 2019
Nowadays RequiresAndroid 5.0 and up
  • Hide Photos, Videos
  • Hide Audio Files
  • Hide Gallery Files
  • Lock and Hide Files
  • Encrypt photos, videos, and files

Core Features:

Lock & Encrypt Photos & Videos: You can Hide photos and videos using secret passcode.

Lock/Encrypt Other Files: you can Hide and lock secret files like Notes, and Audio files.

Unlock Files: you can easily unlock or unhide locked files back into your gallery.

Share locked Files: You can share locked files directly from the vault without un-lock files.

Protect using Passcode: Your all locked files are protected using secret Passcode.

Flashlight Locker App: photo vault

How does a mobile torch light vault work?

As far as this application is concerned, it is a torch light application, it works to see torch light on your mobile. But you can set a specific location as a password and keep all your interests hidden.

For example, photos, videos, audio, gallery, or any files, you can keep them safe.

How to install Play store photo Vault?

We found it from Play Store and designed this article with the information taken from there. So, you can go to the play store and download it without hesitation.

The way to get there is given below in our website article without a green color, keep scrolling and get it, it will directly take you to this application’s home page, play store.

Flashlight Locker App

Let’s talk about the Best photo vault App!

We can use applications like these when we consider certain things to be mandatory for our mobile, even if we can change the practice of having a separate application for each.

In other words, when we do dual work with some applications, the load on the mobile is reduced and our needs are fulfilled. We are happy and secure when it is also the best publication, that’s why we recommend Play Store.

So, after much research, we find the best application for Android, so share your opinion about it with us and stay connected with our website for future best articles.

And our social media platforms will keep you up with old and new articles you need, see you in the next article, thanks for your visit and thanks for reading.

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