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Best Audio Manager Vault App Play Store
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The best Play Store (Audio Manager Vault) help is available in this section for those who want to hide secret photos on their mobile for some time.

It means mobile is like half of a man’s body clinging to him, without it man feels as if half of his body is lost. He does a lot of work on that mobile phone.

Even then, he started saving many things like his photo, photos of his loved ones, office related documents. At the same time, there is a situation where he can share the phone with others.

In such a situation he would consider that his secret documents should not be seen by the crescent, and this is a help for that.

For example, if we delete information out of fear of others, we will not get that experience in the future, so you should be careful about that.

So don’t delete or delete anything out of fear of anyone. But it can be safely hidden without anyone knowing.

Note: Using Vault applications like this and hiding documents is at one’s discretion. However, it is important to note that Google Play Store will recommend only the best applications in the interest of the users. So let’s go through the article and see clearly about this Audio Manager Vault application.

Audio Manager Vault App, which is going to be reviewed in this article, is taken from the Google Play Store and helps hide and store information.

So, we have done better research on the best play store and picked this from there, it is important to note that this is an application that comes out following the policy of Google. So don’t hesitate to check it out.

Audio Manager Vault App details

App roleVault App
Official SitePlay Store
Nowadays reviews486 reviews
Nowadays Install100K+
Published byiSwiftAppTechnoLab
App Policy

Audio Manager is used to hide pictures, videos, and audio using password protected secret safe gallery behind the audio settings app.

The app looks like Audio Manager settings which can manage the device’s audio, but it’s a secret vault where you can secretly hide your photo and videos from the gallery in the smart vault.

Highlight feature of Audio Manager: hide photo, video, and audio:

  • Hide photos and videos.
  • Lock and hide files with a password(passcode).
  • Empty vault.
  • Hide gallery files.
  • Locked Notes.

How to hide photos, videos in Audio Manager Vault:

Just tap and hold on to the title “Audio Manager”.
It will redirect you to a locked vault, create a passcode from that screen.
Vault will give you options on what you want to hide.
If you want to hide an image then click on the image inside the app and click on the + icon it will open an image gallery where you can select images that you want to hide.
Same as the image you can hide video and audio also.

Audio Manager Vault App

Official Site
Download Size5MB
Released onMay 13, 2019
Nowadays Requires5.0 and up

Core Feature:

Hide photo, video, and audio: Here you can hide your private files in smart gallery lock, no one can see hidden files.

Passcode & Fingerprint: The secret gallery lock opens with your passcode or fingerprint.

Fake Vault: A fake vault or decoy vault will show an empty vault. Fake vault open by using fake passcode to show empty vault to others.

Unhide & Share: You can easily unhide your files in your selected location. You can share files without unhiding them.

In-built Viewer: We have a video player, audio player, and image viewer inside the secret vault so you can view and enjoy your files inside the vault.

Secret Notes: Here your can create and read your notes in the vault. it’s like your personal locked diary.

Because of the above features, we need Storage access otherwise the app will not work properly.


  • Use Fingerprint: This Permission is used to Unlock the vault with your Fingerprint.
  • Read/Write Storage Permission: This Permission is used to hide and unhide files to storage.
  • Camera Permission: This permission is used to access the camera to capture photos and videos.

Permission for Android 10 and above devices: Due to the Google system API upgrade, please authorize permission to access all files. Otherwise, they cannot work properly.

Question: How to open a vault?
Answer: Long press (Tap and Hold ) on the Audio Manager title to open the vault.

Question: Where is my hidden data(files) stored? is the vault store hidden files online?
Answer: No, the vault does not store hidden files online. All hidden files are stored in the phone’s storage memory only.

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Audio Manager Vault App


  • Do not install this app before unhiding your files otherwise, it will be lost forever.
  • Cleaning tools may affect hidden data.
  • Unlock all your data before resetting or formate the device.

How do install Vault App?

More than one lakh people have stalled this application till now and it may increase in future. You can install it by following the same method.

The way to do so is given in our website article, which you will get while travelling below, which will take you directly to the Play Store.

How this audio vault article came about:

We recommend you grab the application from the play store, this audio vault application can help you to hide your sweet memories.

For example, some photos taken with friends and lovers cannot be shared within relationships. But may share in future.

So recommend this with a view to recommending the google play store application which will help you protect it from the fear of deleting it from anyone in the present time and also give your opinion in the comment bar.

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