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Touch Disable App
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As technology becomes more integrated into our daily lives, parents face the challenge of managing their devices around curious little hands.

Play Store Touch Disable App can help provide a solution to kids’ fascination with smartphones. Yes is a remarkable app designed to avoid unnecessary problems caused by children and ensure the safety of your social media sites like WhatsApp. But don’t worry, let’s explore how this app works and why we need it.

Play Store Touch Disable App

Understanding Touch Disabler:

Touch Disabler is a specially designed app for parents with young children. Its primary goal? To offer peace of mind. How? By allowing parents to hand over their phones to their children without the worry of unintended mishaps.

Play Store Touch Disable App

App RoleTouch Disable App
ReferGoogle Play Store
OfferAuzi Apps Studios
Download (Nowadays)50K+ (451 reviews)

How Does Touch Disable App Help?

Babies are naturally drawn to our phones, and their curious fingers often lead to accidental phone hits or swipes. It is an undeniable fact that it disrupts important tasks like listening to music or watching videos. This app acts as a shield against such accidental screen interactions, making it a savior for parents.

Key Features Explained:

Customizable Locking Methods: Touch Disabler offers multiple locking methods, including pattern security, enabling users to disable the touch screen effortlessly.

Customizable Unlocking Taps: To deactivate the touch blocker, users can employ single, double, triple, or quadruple taps on the screen, providing a flexible and personalized unlocking system.

Built-In Child Lock: This feature safeguards the device while a child is engaged with videos or toddler apps, preventing them from inadvertently altering what they’re watching.

Comfortable Movie Watching: Imagine uninterrupted movie time—Touch Disabler ensures a smooth viewing experience by preventing accidental clicks or touches on the phone screen.

Easy Unlocking: The app facilitates easy unlocking with a floating icon, simplifying the process for users to disable the touch blocker when needed.

Understanding Permissions and Limits:

Touch Disabler requires the ‘Draw Over Other Apps‘ permission to function optimally. However, in adherence to Android’s policy, it’s important to note that the device’s lock button (power button) cannot be blocked.

Additionally, to disable touching soft keys, users must enable the accessibility permission beforehand.

Continuous Improvement and Support:

The team behind Touch Disabler is dedicated to enhancing the app continually. Users can anticipate frequent updates, ensuring an improved and refined user experience. For any queries or concerns, the support team can be reached via email at

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Real-Life Application:

Imagine enjoying your favorite music playlist or catching up on a series without the constant worry of accidental disruptions from your child.

With the Touch Disable App, parents can confidently hand over their phones, knowing that their child’s curiosity won’t interfere with their activities.

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