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Play Store Photo Touch Lock App
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We come up with many methods to lock the mobile, especially some methods that are specially provided for the mobile. But you know one thing? While locking with a normal pin lock, baton lock, and fingerprint lock, others will try to pry it open.

Yes, and more importantly they know what we keep locked, through which we often enter the wrong password on mobile and thus get into mobile problems.

So, except this we have to lock it with a way that no one can find (guess) and that’s what this website article is for. Yes definitely this is one such method.

This is how you can create a password using a photo you have on your phone or a photo of yourself, a new photo you take, and this can be done with a special Play Store Photo Touch Lock application.

What is Photo Touch Lock application?

It allows you to put a photo on your phone’s home screen, and by touching a specific spot on that photo, it creates a password and lets you lock-unlock your phone.

That means the mobile will unlock only when you touch that place again. For example, when you want to set a picture of a tiger as a password on the mobile phone’s home screen, the mobile will be unlocked when you touch the tiger’s neck, tail, and legs in the right way.

But no one knows that the mobile will be unlocked only by touching that photo at the same place, which is a rajyupti.

Important to note: As far as Photo Touch Lock App is concerned, the application published by Google Play Store, the information collected from there is given here, see and benefit from it all. This is a website article made for you.

And it’s true that Google Play Store only accommodates applications that follow best practices in the interest of users.

Play Store Photo Touch Lock Screen App
Play Store Photo Touch Lock Screen App

Play Store Image Touch Password App Details

App roleLock Screen
Official SitePlay Store
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Nowadays Install100K+
Published byKenny Wheeler
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How to install Photo Touch Lock application?

As for the application, you can install it directly, that too you can also get the Play Store application that follows the policy, and you will get the opportunity to go there.

Installable area

The option to install is clearly given below with the intention of being a fully explained option, take a look and benefit from it:

First chance: If you are satisfied with the information seen in this article and you also trust the Google Play Store, click this section and install it right away, it is made for you.

Second Chance: Second Chance is a section created for those who think that after seeing the comments made by the developer, they can go to the Google Play Store, go there after seeing more details and if they like it, then access the green button below to get the chance.

image touch lock
image touch lock

Let’s talk about Photo Touch Lock article!

There are usually multiple lock mechanisms, but that leaves room for others to guess. But this Photo Touch Lock method doesn’t give that chance to anyone.

Also, to everyone’s surprise, only one photo will appear on the home screen of the mobile, and that photo will be related to you, and no one will know that the mobile will be unlocked only by touching a specific place on that photo. So it is noteworthy that there is no chance of unlocking the phone.

Also, it is important to mention that we will always provide such interesting and useful applications and recommend that application in the article after we try it out, so follow our website and share it with your friends.

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