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Hidden Intruder Selfie
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Are you constantly worried about unauthorized access to your phone? Fear not, as Hidden Intruder Selfie has your back!

For example, this Hidden Intruder Selfie App will intelligently capture and display anyone who tries to unlock your phone without your permission. This gives you peace of mind and added security.

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How Does Hidden Intruder Selfie App Work?

Imagine this scenario: someone tries to unlock your phone, and alas! The attempt fails. That’s when Hidden Intruder Selfie springs into action.

It utilizes your phone’s front camera to snap a photo of the intruder without their knowledge, logging the time and date for your reference.

Features That Empower You:

Let’s break down the key features:

Intruder Identification: Any unauthorized attempts to unlock your device trigger the app, swiftly capturing the culprit’s photo.

Photo Management: Saved photos can be securely stored within the app or in a hidden folder, away from prying eyes in your gallery.

Timestamps for Clarity: Every photo is stamped with the date and time, aiding in better tracking and understanding of the intrusion attempts.

Customizable Settings: Tailor the app to your preferences by setting the number of capture attempts allowed, notifications, and storage limits.

Self-Cleaning Mechanism: Old photos are automatically purged based on a set timeline, ensuring efficient storage usage.

Social Sharing Option: Wish to share your captured intruder? The app allows you to share photos on social media platforms.

How to Utilize this Shield of Security:

Unlocking the potential of Hidden Intruder Selfie is a breeze:

  1. Installation: Download and install the app from the app store.
  2. Permission Setup: Grant necessary permissions upon the app’s first launch to enable its functionality.
  3. Customization: Navigate to the app’s settings to tailor the app according to your preferences.
  4. Vigilance Mode: With the setup complete, the app remains vigilant around the clock, detecting any suspicious access attempts.

Uninstallation Protocol:

Should the need arise to remove the app:

  1. Revoke Administrator Permission: Disable the “Device Administrator” permission granted to the app.
  2. Uninstallation: Proceed to uninstall the app from your device.

Crucial Points to Keep in Mind:

For the app to operate effectively:

  • Permission Prerequisite: Granting Device Administrator permission is vital for the app’s functionality in detecting failed attempts.
  • Lock Screen Requirements: Ensure your screen lock meets the minimum security requirements set by the Android system (4 characters for password/pin, 4 points for pattern).
  • Uninstallation Protocol: Removing the Device Administrator permission is necessary before uninstalling the app to avoid complications.

Hidden Intruder Selfie isn’t just an app; it’s your vigilant protector against unwanted access to your phone. Download it today, fortify your privacy, and let it capture any unwelcome intruder attempting to breach your device’s security!

Note: Remember, your security matters. Stay protected, stay informed!

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