30 SECONDS: Long Video Whatsapp Status 30 Sec Split

30 SECONDS Long Video Whatsapp Status 30 Sec Split
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In today’s digital age, sharing our favorite moments through videos has become second nature. However, platforms like WhatsApp and Snapchat limit the duration of videos we can post on our status or stories, often restricting our ability to share longer clips.

But fear not! There’s a solution: a versatile Video Splitter app that allows you to break down your videos into smaller, easily shareable segments of either 30-second intervals or a custom duration.

Long Video Whatsapp Status
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Long Video Whatsapp Status App On Play Store

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ReferGoogle Play Store
OfferBurgeon Media
Download (Nowadays)100K+ (3.07K reviews)
Developer Contactsupport@burgeonmedia.in

How Does Whatsapp Status App Work?

This handy app simplifies the process of slicing lengthy videos into smaller parts without any need for internet access. Whether it’s for Instagram, Snapchat, or WhatsApp Status, this Video Splitter has you covered.

The best part? It works offline too! This means you can create segmented videos anytime, anywhere, and directly share them on your preferred social media platforms.

Splitting Options:

The Story Splitter offers two convenient methods:

  1. Custom Duration Selection: You have the freedom to precisely choose the duration of each segment by sliding the duration bar back and forth.
  2. Automatic Duration Setting: Simply select the icon of the social media platform where you intend to post the video. The Video Splitter will automatically set the duration for you, aligning with the platform’s specific requirements (e.g., 30 seconds for WhatsApp Status).

Once you’ve made your selections, the processing time is minimal thanks to the app’s optimized performance. Post your segmented video on your status or save it directly to your phone’s gallery for future sharing!

Advantages at a Glance:

  • No Watermark: Enjoy clean, watermark-free segmented videos.
  • Storage Optimization: Save space on your device when sharing lengthy videos on platforms like WhatsApp or Snapchat.
  • Automatic Duration Setting: The app ensures your video segments comply with each social media platform’s duration restrictions.
  • Custom Duration Slider: Divide videos into as many segments as you need with ease.
  • No Loss of Video Quality: Maintain the original video quality even after splitting.
  • Preview Feature: View the segmented video directly within the app before sharing.
  • No Time Limit: Enjoy the freedom to split videos without any time constraints.
  • Minimal App Size: The app doesn’t demand unnecessary permissions and is light on storage.

Multi-Language Support:

The Video Splitter caters to a global audience by supporting seven languages, and automatically adjusting to your phone’s language settings.

It’s available in English, Indonesian, Français, Español, हिन्दी, Portugês, and Arabic, making it accessible to users worldwide.

Need Help or Have Concerns?

For any copyright issues or complaints, the support team is readily available. Feel free to reach out via email at support@burgeonmedia.in.

With this Video Splitter app, the days of struggling to share your favorite lengthy videos on social media are over.

Enjoy hassle-free sharing and impress your friends with your uninterrupted storytelling through segmented videos!

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