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There are many people who say they can tolerate being touched but can’t tolerate touching their phone. Because they consider mobile bigger than themselves.

So no one allows anyone else to touch or open the phone or the information on that phone. So at a moment like this what if someone else uses your mobile camera without your permission?

You must not like it!! To stop this issue, we have come up with an excellent Play Store Camera Blocker App Android application. Especially with this application your security will increase.

For example no one can use your mobile camera without your mobile permission and your mobile doesn’t allow it. One such great application is the Camera Blocker application that you will see in this article.

And this ensures that your camera is safe. So, let’s have a look at the clear information about it, the download opportunity and all the comments made by the developer. Especially since this is a play store application, extra security is a must.


Play Store Best Camera Blocker App Android

App RoleProtection Apps
ReferGoogle Play Store
Download (Nowadays)100K+ (6.5K reviews)

Developer Opinion:

In the realm of safeguarding privacy, behold the “Camera Blocker,” a guardian of your device’s optical domain. This tool stands resilient, rendering your phone’s camera inert, fending off any unwarranted, unethical, or unauthorized attempts at peering through its lens.

The Camera Blocker stands vigilant, interposing itself between the camera and all applications, as well as the entire Android system, all without necessitating invasive access (No Root Required).

Preserving one’s privacy stands as an imperative concern. Amidst the Android landscape, numerous applications wield the Camera Permission, enabling them to clandestinely capture photos or videos in the background, unbeknownst to the user, potentially sharing them across the web. The Camera Blocker materializes as the guardian of your privacy, staunchly denying phone camera access.

The app’s brilliance lies in its operation without the need for Camera Permission, ensuring an impregnable fortress around your phone camera, impenetrable even to its very guardian.

This application operates under the aegis of Device Administration, employing the “Disable Cameras” security protocol to fortify your phone’s optical instruments.

For those embracing the app without cost:

The unfettered version of this application graciously bestows unbounded protection, a perpetual vigil against camera intrusion, 24/7.

Camera Blocker Showcased Attributes:

  • Round-the-clock, unwavering camera barricade, thwarting all unethical or unauthorized endeavors to infiltrate your camera.
  • Effortlessly block and fortify the camera with a mere tap on the widget or notification (A feature bestowed upon the Pro users).
  • Automatic camera immobilization, set to engage at specified intervals.
  • A notification-driven app launcher, granting temporary camera access to chosen applications (Reserved for Pro users).
  • Peruse the roster of applications requesting camera permission.
  • Delve into detailed analytics for each camera-permission-endowed application, gauging the potential risk level they present.
  • Receive alerts upon the installation of new applications with camera permissions.
  • Compatible with both the frontal and rearward camera.
  • Operational sans rooting.
  • Exempts your battery from needless depletion.
  • Intuitive and swift in its functionality.

The Camera Blocker offers fortification against:

  • Covert and Unethical Camera Operations.
  • Malevolent Manipulation of the Camera by Unauthorized Entities.

The Spectrum of Application:

  • Obstruct, Disable, Safeguard, and Shield the Camera against unauthorized or unethical camera peering.
  • Impose a constraint on camera use, securing it from the prying eyes of children or friends, effectively rendering your mobile camera-less.
  • The Camera Blocker diligently identifies all camera-centric applications.

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Embark on this endeavor! Seize the opportunity to download Camera Blocker now.

Camera Blocker App Android Download

The best option to download the Camera Blocker application is to go to the Google Play Store because that is where we get the original application and timely updates from the developer.

This way we can keep getting new updates and security. The opportunity to go to that Play Store has been given below in two ways and take advantage of it.

The first opportunity is what the developer of the application said, and we invite you in the article to take that opportunity. That way you can directly go to Play Store from this article, if you want to do so then click on this page.

Maybe if you want to see the comments made by the developer and then go to the Play Store click on the green button below and when you do that you will have the opportunity to see the comments made by the developer.

Does Camera Blocker possess Camera Permission?

Ans. No, Camera Blocker abstains from possessing camera permission and is inherently barred from accessing the camera.

How does one uninstall the Camera Blocker? Why is it not uninstallable directly from the settings?

Ans. In order to countermand camera access, the app employs administrative functions. Hence, uninstallation is achievable through two pathways.

Launch the app and observe the “Uninstall application” button situated at the bottom. OR Navigate to Android Settings – Security – Device administrator – simply uncheck Camera Blocker and proceed with the uninstallation in the customary manner.

(We earnestly beseech, should you encounter difficulties in uninstalling the app, kindly reach out to us before rendering unfavorable reviews or ratings, and we shall promptly extend our assistance.)

Note: Should you harbor any suggestions pertaining to the app, do not hesitate to communicate them. Reach out to us at

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