Two Tap: Best App to Keep Your Apps Safe and Private with Hyde App Hider!

Best App to Keep Your Apps Safe and Private with Hyde App Hider
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  • App Name: Hyde App Hider
  • Developer: ZipoApps
  • Downloads: 5M+
  • Reviews: 174K
  • Size: 17MB

Short Summary: Hide Your Secrets with Hyde – The Ultimate App Hider! Download Now for Total Privacy!

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Released onNov 27, 2019
The last update is based on article’s publicationFeb 28, 2024
Use Of The ApplicationYou can hide your mobile applications on the phone without displaying them or making any changes. It is worth noting that we do not delete, uninstall, or change any kind of options in that application for fear of others, it helps to keep it hidden.

Are you looking for a way to keep your mobile apps private and away from prying eyes? Look no further than Hyde App Hider – the ultimate solution to hide apps on your Android device without deleting or uninstalling them.

With over 5 million downloads and glowing reviews from over 174,000 users, Hyde App Hider has become the go-to choice for safeguarding your privacy on Android phones.

Developed by ZipoApps and regularly updated to ensure top-notch performance, Hyde App Hider offers a secure and convenient way to hide your apps, photos, videos, and more in a hidden app vault.

How to Works Hyde App Hider?

Hyde App Hider is as easy as a double-tap and a pattern lock. Simply double-tap on the screen to hide the apps you want to keep private and use a pattern lock to secure them. When you need to access the hidden apps, just double-tap again and enter your pattern lock. It’s that simple!

Hyde App Hider also provides the option to hide the Hyde app itself, ensuring that no one even knows it’s installed on your device.

It also adds extra security to your financial data and helps keep apps that contain your payment information (Google Pay, Bank apps) safe and hidden.

Smart Use Cases

Hyde App Hider is perfect for a variety of situations where privacy is paramount. Whether you want to hide sensitive apps from prying eyes, keep your photos and videos away from curious friends, or prevent your kids from accessing certain games or apps, Hyde has you covered.

You can even hide apps containing payment information, adding an extra level of protection to your financial data.

Why Choose Hyde App Hider

Hyde App Hider stands out as the ultimate tool for hiding apps on Android devices. With its intuitive app interface and powerful features.

Also, it’s a fact that it has earned a reputation as the favorite app hider for millions of users around the world.

Whether you call it a hidden app launcher, hidden apps tool, or free app hider, Hide offers unmatched performance and reliability.

Protect Your Privacy Today

Don’t compromise your privacy any longer. Download Hyde App Hider from the Play Store and take control of your app security.

With its seamless hiding and unhiding capabilities, Hyde makes it easier than ever to keep your apps safe and private. Plus, with its compact size of just 17MB, it won’t take up much space on your device.

For more information on Hyde App Hider’s privacy policy and features, visit their official website or contact the developer directly at And remember, when it comes to protecting your privacy, Hyde has you covered.

So, get Hyde App Hider today and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your apps are safe and secure. Hideaway with Hyde!

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