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Get WhatSaga now! Break free from the 15 to 30-second limit & steal statuses! Easy split, save & share. Click for unlimited storytelling!

Are you tired of cutting your stories short because of WhatsApp’s 15-30-second limit? Do you wish you could share longer videos without the hassle of manually splitting them?

Look no further! WhatSaga Play Stor App is here to revolutionize the way you share long stories on WhatsApp.

What is WhatSaga Story Split and Save App?

WhatSaga is a powerful utility tool designed to help you post stories longer than 15-30 seconds on WhatsApp effortlessly.

With WhatSaga, you can split your longer videos into 15-30-second segments and share them seamlessly, allowing you to tell your stories without any interruptions.

Play Store App: Video Splitter for WhatsApp status

App RoleStory Split
Refer byGoogle Play Store
Offer byIrshad P I
Released onJan 17, 2021
Download (Nowadays)10L+ (37.7T+ reviews)
App Size (Nowadays)16MB Only
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How to increase WhatsApp status video length?

long video status for whatsapp
long video status for whatsapp (Image On Play Store)

Never Cut Your Stories Short Again

Gone are the days of having to trim down your videos manually to fit WhatsApp’s time limit. WhatSaga takes care of the splitting process for you, ensuring that your entire story is shared in perfect segments.

Say goodbye to the frustration of having to decide which parts of your video to keep and which to cut out – WhatSaga does it all for you in an instant!

Steal Statuses with Ease

Have you ever come across a captivating status posted by someone else and wished you could save it for later? With WhatSaga, you can do just that!

Our Video Splitter for WhatsApp status app allows you to view all the recent statuses of your contacts and save them effortlessly.

Whether it’s a picture or a video, WhatSaga lets you save and share it with ease, so you never miss out on memorable moments shared by your friends and family.

Introducing Audio Status

But that’s not all – WhatSaga is constantly evolving to meet your needs. We’re excited to announce that WhatsApp audio status support is coming soon!

With Play Store WhatSaga, you’ll be able to share your favorite audio clips as status updates, adding a whole new dimension to your WhatsApp experience.

Beta Version and Beyond

As we continue to improve and expand WhatSaga, we value your feedback and support. We’re currently in the beta version, but rest assured, more exciting features are on the horizon.

Your feedback helps us make the WhatSaga app the best it can be. So don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and suggestions with us.

Now Available for WhatsApp for Business

And here’s some great news for business owners – WhatSaga is now available for WhatsApp for Business!

As the first status downloader app for WhatsApp Business, WhatSaga offers unparalleled convenience for businesses looking to enhance their online presence.

Share your long status stories, showcase your products, and engage with your customers like never before with WhatSaga for WhatsApp for Business.

Disclaimer for Video Splitter for WhatsApp status

It’s important to note that WhatSaga is not affiliated with WhatsApp or WhatsApp for Business in any way.

WhatsApp is the trademark of WhatsApp Inc., and no trademark infringement is intended. WhatSaga is simply designed to enhance your WhatsApp experience and make sharing stories easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

Note: One sad thing about this is that the WhatSaga app is not updated above Android 5.0 (Requires Android 5.0 and up) This information is based on the date of publication of our article.

WhatSaga  Story Split  Save
WhatSaga Story Split Save (Play Store Photo)

By the time you see this article in a working future, there is a possibility that the developer has given an update to this application, so that it can work for all Android update models.

But it is worth noting that it is updated to Android 5 as of the date of publication of this article on March 21, 2024.

However, one thing to note is that it has been available on the Play Store since January 7, 2018. If so it is true that play store keeps recommending it for people, because of providing good service. So consider this and take a chance to download the application.

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Make Your WhatsApp Stories Stand Out with WhatSaga: Ultimate Video Splitter!

Video Splitter for WhatsApp status

Say goodbye to 15-30-sec limits! WhatSaga splits videos for WhatsApp! Click for unlimited storytelling!

There are some other play store apps that do the same thing!

Some Ture Words

With WhatSaga, saying goodbye to the 15-30-second limit has never been easier.

Whether you’re sharing personal stories with friends or promoting your business on WhatsApp, WhatSaga empowers you to share longer videos effortlessly.

Download WhatSaga today and take your WhatsApp stories to the next level!

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