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free torch vault app download for android
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Secretly hide photos, videos & files in a torch vault app! Unlock with password/fingerprint. Save to Google Drive. Get it now!

In the era of smartphones, privacy and security are paramount concerns for many users. Whether it’s personal photos, sensitive videos, or confidential documents, we all have files we’d rather keep private.

That’s where the Torch Vault app comes in – a clever solution, disguised as a simple flashlight application. Offering users a secure vault to hide and protect their most precious files.

What is Torch Hidden Vault App Free?

Torch Vault isn’t just a regular flashlight app. It’s like a secret safe where you can hide your photos, videos, and different kinds of files, so nobody can see them without your permission.

When you first look at it, it seems like a simple tool for turning your phone’s flashlight on and off. But there’s more to it than meets the eye. It’s got a strong system for hiding and protecting your files.

Play Store Torch Vault app download Details

App RoleVault
Refer byGoogle Play Store
Offer byGSW Connect
Released onJul 27, 2021
Download (Nowadays)100K+ (1.09K+ reviews)
App Size (Nowadays)13MB Only
WebsiteSite & Privacy

How does a flashlight vault App work?

Using Flashlight Vault is incredibly straightforward. Once installed, you can use it like any other flashlight app to control your phone’s LED light.

But here’s where the magic happens: by performing a long press on the torch title, you’ll unlock the vault, granting you access to a secure space where you can hide and organize your files.

Key Features of Tourch Vault Android App:

free torch vault app tutorial (Play Store)

Hide Photos, Videos, and Files: Flashlight Vault allows you to conceal a wide range of file types, from personal photos and videos to important documents, ensuring that they remain safe from unwanted attention.

Hide Audio Files: In addition to photos and videos, Torch Vault also lets you hide audio files. providing comprehensive coverage for all your sensitive media.

Password and Fingerprint Protection: Worried about unauthorized access? The Flashlight Vault app offers multiple layers of security, that allow you to lock and unlock your vault using either a password or your device’s fingerprint scanner, if available.

Integration with Google Drive: Need to transfer your files to another device? The Android torch Vault makes it easy by allowing you to save your hidden files to Google Drive. Ensuring that you can access them whenever and wherever you need them.

Why Choose Play Store Torch Vault?

The Flashlight Vault app on the Play Store makes it easy to protect your files. Instead of using hard-to-understand encryption or tricky ways to hide files, Flashlight Vault has a simple interface that anyone can use.

It works well with everyday stuff like using your phone’s flashlight and it keeps your files safe. If you worry about privacy, Torch (Flashlight) Vault is perfect for you.

Hidden Files with Flashlight Vault! Save Now!

free torch vault app download for android

Discover the Ultimate Secret Vault! Hide photos, videos & files in your flashlight app. Secure with password/fingerprint. Try it now!

Get Started Today!

Are you ready to keep your stuff private? Get Torch Vault now to hide your photos, videos, and files securely.

It’s easy to use and keeps your sensitive stuff safe. If you need help, just email the Torch Vault team at

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