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Sound volume control styles app
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Elevate your device’s sound volume control styles with Ultra Volume! Customize your UI effortlessly. Download now!

Are you tired of the same old volume control panel on your device? Want to add a touch of personality and style to your user interface?

Look no further! With the Ultra Volume app, you can easily customize your volume slider panel with aesthetic styles and themes that reflect your unique taste.

Play Store Details Of Ultra Sound volume control styles App

App RoleSound Volume Control Styles
Refer byGoogle Play Store
Offer byZipoApps
Released onDec 28, 2015
Download (Nowadays)10M+ (159K+ reviews)
App Size (Nowadays)32MB Only
WebsiteSite & Privacy

Why Customize Your Volume Slider Panel?

Your device’s user interface is a reflection of your personality and preferences. Customizing your volume slider panel allows you to tailor your device to suit your style.

Whether you prefer sleek and modern designs or vibrant and colorful themes, the Ultra Volume app has got you covered.

Easy Setup and Smooth Controls

Sound volume control styles
Sound volume control styles image (Play Store)
Sound volume control styles
Sound volume control styles image (Play Store)

Gone are the days of boring volume control panels. With the Ultra Volume app, you can quickly set up your custom volume slider panel with just a few taps.

The Sound Volume Control Styles app offers smooth controls that ensure a seamless user experience, making adjusting your device’s volume easier than ever.

A Plethora of Styles to Choose From

The Ultra Volume app offers a wide range of volume slider styles to choose from, including:

  • Custom ROMs
  • Status bar & navigation bar integration
  • Android 10 Vertical
  • Android 8 Horizontal
  • iOS 13
  • MIUI
  • OxygenOS
  • OneUI
  • And many more!

With such a diverse selection, you’re sure to find a style that suits your preferences.

Full-Color Volume Slider Customization

Not only can you choose from various styles, but you can also fully customize the colors of your volume slider panel.

Whether you want to add a gradient effect or match your device’s theme, the Ultra Volume app gives you the freedom to personalize every aspect of your volume controls.

Enhanced Functionality

In addition to aesthetic customization, the Ultra Volume app offers enhanced functionality to improve your user experience:

  • Layout Arrangement: Set the size and position of your volume slider panel to your liking.
  • Behaviour Control: Adjust how long the control stays on screen and receive vibration alerts when volume limits are reached.
  • Media Output Chooser: Select where to play music from connected Bluetooth devices.
  • Side Swipe Gesture: Open the volume panel with a simple swipe gesture for added convenience.

All-Inclusive Style Volume Control

The Ultra Volume app doesn’t stop at just adjusting your device’s volume. It also allows you to control:

  • Media and Bluetooth volume
  • Ring volume
  • Notification volume
  • Alarm volume
  • Voice call volume
  • Bluetooth call volume
  • System sounds volume
  • Cast volume for other devices
  • Brightness

With such comprehensive control, you can fine-tune every aspect of your device’s audio and visual settings.

Sound volume control styles app tutorial


It’s important to note that while the Ultra Volume app provides a range of customization options, it is not affiliated with official Apple or Xiaomi applications.

All product names, logos, and trademarks belong to their respective owners, and the use of these names does not imply endorsement.

Transform Your Device with Stunning Volume Slider Panels!

Play Store Details Of Ultra Volume Control Styles App

Upgrade your sound volume control styles with Ultra Volume! Customize your device’s UI with sleek skins in seconds. Download now!

Some Words

If you’re looking to elevate your device’s style and functionality, look no further than the Ultra Volume app.

With its easy setup, smooth controls, and plethora of customization options, you can design the perfect volume slider panel to suit your unique taste.

Download the Ultra Volume app today and take control of your device’s user interface like never before!

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