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It is a fact that even if you buy a mobile phone with money, you have to spend money to talk through that mobile phone. But did you know that nowadays you can even talk to normal keyboard mobile owners with your Android mobile for free.

Although many social media have come up with which you can talk using the internet call, Wi-Fi call, etc. this article is still a great Free International Phone Calls opportunity for you to contact and talk to those who have the same old keyboard mobile and landline phone.

Therefore, through this article you can check out a google play store Free International Phone Calls application. This application helps you communicate and talk to people in more than 200 countries for free.

It also hides your real caller ID and creates a fake caller ID, even though it is protected from all access. But the main reason for recommending this application is because it is an application released by Google Play Store following the policy.

Also, we have already selected and listed some Free Phone Calls applications that you can check out in this article. Despite this, more than ten thousand people have downloaded this application within a few days.

So, you can also download the application that works so well and talk to all mobiles and all landlines all over the world for free, it’s true that we are also using it, that’s why we recommend it to you.

Play Store International Phone Calls App

App roleFree Call
Official SitePlay Store
Nowadays reviews1.57K
Nowadays Install10K+
Published byX Call Studio
App Policy
Free International Phone Calls App
Free International Phone Calls App

How does the Free International Phone Calls app work?

We are obliged to give a brief explanation about it:

That means the app will give you some free credit for installing it, which you can talk about. Also worth noting is that you will get extra credit by viewing some ads and referring others, with which you can continue to talk for free.

Note: Also, you can hide your real mobile number and increase security for women. It is important to note that such an application helps you when you feel that if someone knows your mobile number unnecessarily, he will disturb you.

How do I get a chance to install Free International Phone Calls App?

This Free International Phone Calls application is very easy to install, within a few days more than ten thousand people are downloading and using it, you can also download and use it like them.

Only then will you get the original application, i.e., the Google Play Store case is the best download we are saying? The opportunity to go there will be given to you in the full description in our article, so don’t get tired and go ahead.

Option to install:

There are two unique options to install this Free International Phone Calls app, check them out below:

First Install: Go directly to Google Play Store and install this Free International Phone Calls application, click on it to install immediately.

But if you are using it, ten thousand people are already downloading and using it, we are also downloading and using it, so we trust the google play store. If you also believe, then this first chance is for you.

Second Chance: Going after the comments made by the developer who created the second chance. However, below is a frequently asked question related to this and its answer, which you can refer to and benefit from.

Also, in a section we have given the developer feedback without modification, where you can go and download after watching.

Also, in a section we have given the developer feedback without modification, where you can go and download after watching.

Free International Calls
Free International Phone Calls

F&Qs: Xcaller – X Call App

What is Xcaller?

Xcaller is a revolutionary VoIP phone call app that enables you to make free global calls using any real phone number. Say goodbye to expensive international call costs while keeping your personal phone number separate.

Why Choose Xcaller?

100% Free Calling: Enjoy the freedom of making calls to over 200 countries and regions without any fees or extra charges.

Unlimited Global Call: Connect with mobile and landline numbers in more than 230+ countries or regions effortlessly.

Hide Caller ID: Maintain your privacy by making calls without revealing your SIM card or mobile number. Perfect for personal or prank calls.

Clear & Stable Calling: Experience crystal-clear voice calls with carrier-level call quality. Xcaller adjusts connection speeds for more stable conversations.

8-Way Call Conference: Engage in powerful voice-only conferencing with Xcaller’s 8-way call conference feature. Connect with up to eight participants seamlessly.

Call Recording: Selectively record phone calls for future reference, with recordings stored securely on your device.

Free Credits: Earn credits through engaging tasks within the app, ensuring you have ample opportunities to make free calls. New users receive a +500-credit bonus.

Internet Call: Make free calls worldwide using Wi-Fi or cellular data (3G/4G/5G) to any mobile or landline number, even when network access is limited.

How Does Xcaller Work?

Xcaller utilizes patented technology to provide reliable, carrier-level call quality, ensuring that your calls consistently connect.

The app enables you to enjoy free international calls while safeguarding your personal phone number and maintaining privacy.

How to Get Started with Xcaller:

Download: Get the Xcaller app from your app store.
Install: Install the app on your device.
Registration: Sign up for an account or log in if you’re an existing user.
Explore Features: Discover the range of features, from free calling to conference calls and call recording.
Earn Credits: Engage in app activities to earn credits for more free calls.
Start Calling: Dial any mobile or landline number worldwide using Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Why Trust Xcaller?

Xcaller is a trusted choice for tens of thousands of users who rely on it daily to manage calls and text messages separately from their primary phone number.

The app’s patented technology guarantees reliable call quality that meets carrier-level standards.

Get Connected with Xcaller:

Have questions, suggestions, or need assistance? Reach out to us at Your feedback is valuable in making Xcaller even better.

Make the Smart Choice – Download Xcaller Today!

Enjoy the freedom of unlimited global calls without the worry of expensive costs. Download Xcaller now and experience the future of communication. Remember to rate us 5 stars if you’re satisfied with our service!

Let’s talk about these Free International Phone Calls!

We are using this Free International Phone Calls application and many people are already using it. So feel free to use and get the free service even though we have designed a very long article to give more details about it.

Therefore, below are related question and answers and you will have the opportunity to see the comments made by the developer by clicking on the green button given at the top of the article.

, this is an article that we have prepared for you after doing a lot of research, so we look forward to your support.

Goodbye to inform you that you can bookmark our site for future best articles and share them with your friends. We are happy to announce that we are going to carry out research for the next article.

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