Free Global Calls App Install

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Free Global Calls App Install
Free Global Calls App Install

Free Global Calls App Play Store

Published ByPlay Store
App RoleFree Offers
Downloads (Nowadays)10,000+ downloads
Offered ByX Call Studio
Download Size63MB
Release DateNA

Xcaller is a FREE app for making global calls. Use this VoIP phone call app and enjoy global calls with any real phone number without worrying about expensive costs while keeping your personal phone number separate.

Download Xcaller now!

  • Xcaller is one of the most trusted calling apps that tens of thousands of people rely on daily to manage their calls and text messages separately from their main phone numbers.
  • Xcaller’s patented technology powers reliable, carrier-level call quality that guarantees your phone calls will go through.
Free International Phone Calls App
Free International Phone Calls App

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WHY USE Xcaller?

100% Free Calling: No fees to call any kind of phone and anyone you want without paying! Support calls to more than 200 countries and regions, and is totally free, with no extra charge at all.

Unlimited Global Call: Xcaller can reach any mobile or landline number in more than 230+ countries or regions! Use Xcaller, to make global calls easily.

Hide Caller id: You can make calls without a SIM card or mobile phone number, hide your true caller id, and protect your privacy. Whether you want to call your ex or make prank calls to your friends, Xcaller is the best choice.

Clear & Stable Calling: Xcaller uses real telephone lines, which means we can guarantee a good crystal-clear voice call of high quality. Xcaller automatically detects and adjusts your connection speed to make sure of more stable calls.

8-way call conference: Get ready to experience the power of voice-only conferencing with Xcaller’s 8-way conference calling feature. Connect with up to eight participants and be heard loud and clear using our conference calling service.

Call Recording: Record any phone call you want and choose which calls you want to save. And, the call recordings will only be saved locally.

Free Credits: There are millions of ways to earn credits in our app. Just do interesting tasks, earn credits, and make free calls! New users will get a bonus of +500 credits. Make your first Sideline Call right now!

Internet Call: Just enjoy free calls worldwide to any mobile & landline via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G/5G cellular data. You can call every number even if they have no network access.

  • You can call your loved ones without worrying about expensive costs with this phone call app.
  • Download this VOIP Wi-Fi calling app, call free and enjoy unlimited calls worldwide around any mobile and landline! Call any cell phone, local or overseas today!
  • No contract, no hidden fees, better than any cheap international calling app.