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Android 3D Live Wallpapers app details
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This article presents an opportunity to use your mobile in a completely 4k/3D Live animation mode without using it in normal mode.

That is, through this article, you can apply various 3D Live Wallpapers on your mobile display. It is unique and has many 3D Live Wallpapers Download that will amaze you.

So, all these are the best 3D Live Wallpapers for mobile for Android users. Also, this 3D Live Wallpapers Android application was discovered by Google Play Store and now more than five million people are using it. So this is one of the best 3D Live Wallpapers apps.

What are live 3d wallpapers used for?

This wallpaper can be said to be a photo that can be set as the home page of the mobile, this photo is named wallpaper.

That is, once you pick up the phone and open the lock screen, a variety of options will appear. But you can set individual photos as wallpaper for the home screen and wallpaper for the lock screen.

So, everyone will see what’s always known on the homepage, and so can you. You will get a special Lively experience when the photo is seen in HD print (4k/3D Live Wallpapers).

That is, a photo that can be pinned to the home screen on your phone will have an animation. For example, if there is a butterfly, it will give a realistic feeling of flying, and if there are fish, it will give the impression of swimming.

Can 3D Live Wallpapers App Download?

Must get 3D Live Wallpapers Download, more than five million people download 4k/3D Live Wallpapers for their mobile for free till now.

That way you can also get the opportunity to download various 3D Live Wallpapers for mobile through this website article. It has lots of animated 3D wallpapers.

In addition, it currently has more than 42,400 users commenting on it, giving you such a unique selection of 3D Live Wallpapers Android applications.

So you must be able to download and use all your required animated wallpapers like 3d 4k 8k in this, this HD wallpaper is a completely free-to-play store application.

The important part for you: This best 3D Live Wallpapers app is selected by the play store and presented in our article, with information collected from there.

It is important that we incorporate the comments made by the cause creator, so please read and download and use them all. But you don’t need to fear because Play Store is the official website of Google.

At the same time, every mobile application allows publishing after following its policy, which policy is created for our benefit. It is worth noting that even if there is a policy mirror in the future, those apps will be stopped.

We can definitely trust this kind of play store; the people of the world are also supporting it. So let’s check out the download opportunity to get all the information.

Android 3D Live Wallpaper app details

App roleStyle Look
Official SitePlay Store
Nowadays reviews42.4K reviews
Nowadays Install5M+
Published byTarrySoft
Author contactsupport.parallax3d@kigelapps.com
App Policyhttps://kigelapps.com/parallax3d/privacy

A unique 3D wallpapers- parallax backgrounds collection: Our wallpaper maker gives your background a real 3D depth effect! Explore amazing moving wallpapers and multi-layered animated parallax 3D wallpapers.

This incredible cool wallpapers maker has a vast collection of 4K live wallpapers in 3D with stunning effects from which you can choose. Easy customization & preview. Download now for a unique experience!

Discover Stunning 3D Live Wallpapers: Many parallax 4K live wallpapers in 3D HD/4K, with different categories that you will love plus many free ringtones.


  • Superheroes;
  • Anime;
  • Black backgrounds HD;
  • Space and planets;
  • Supercars;
  • Sports;
  • Abstract;
  • Holidays;
  • Animals;
  • Fantasy;
  • Nature landscapes and many more parallax 3D wallpapers.

More Details of Wallpapers Collection Play Store

Official Sitehttps://kigelapps.com/parallax3d
Download Size18MB
Released onOct 12, 2017
Nowadays RequiresAndroid 7.0 and up
Address8 The Green Suite #4184 Dover, DE 19901

With new 4K live wallpapers in 3D being submitted weekly, you can choose from a constantly growing collection of moving wallpapers. Say goodbye to monotonous backgrounds with this cool wallpaper’s maker.

Transform your background with 4K live wallpapers in 3D that fit your style, add items to your favorites with one click, use our search engine to find what you want, and make your phone unique with this fantastic cool wallpapers maker.

Cool Wallpaper Maker: Take customization to the next level by adjusting the strength of the effect and setting the battery-saving mode to reduce consumption to 1%.

A whole new dimension of phone customization!

  • Variety of categories.
  • Smooth rendering.
  • Battery efficient.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Designed for phones and tablets.
  • Works with both gyroscope and accelerometer.
  • No special permissions are needed.
  • 250+ 3D parallax 4K live wallpapers and growing.

All 4K live wallpapers in 3D are designed and auto-adjusted to fit any aspect ratio, including Ultra-wide screens 18:9, and tested with the most popular devices such as Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus, Xiaomi, etc.

Unleash the full potential of your device with our 3D wallpaper app! With a vast selection of moving wallpapers, mesmerizing parallax effects, and easy customization options, you’ll have the perfect cool wallpapers for your device background in no time.

Don’t wait: Download these cool wallpapers maker and take the first step to a more personalized and visually stunning device experience!

3D Live Wallpapers collection Apps

3D Live Wallpapers App Download?

Download this free animated 3D Live Wallpapers app that provides 3D animated wallpapers for free and you can download thousands of wallpapers and share them with your friends.

Such this free 4k/3D Live application is available through a trusted quality website i.e. play store, go there and download then you will get the original application, the best advice, and the best update at the right time.

I mean, more than five million people download and use the same, so do the same, and chances are you’ll be traveling through the article.

How does the 3D Live Wallpaper App work?

Once you install this 3D Live Wallpapers App you will get a variety of 3d wallpaper that you can set anywhere like your lock screen and home screen.

In addition, it gives you a vivid viewing experience and 3d animation that will leave viewers in awe. Also, you get a chance to see a completely accurate photo on the front of the phone.

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More Details of Wallpapers collection Play Store

3D Android wallpaper video

Let’s talk about 3D Live Wallpapers download for mobile!

We are very committed to always selecting and providing the best Android application and get that application only from the play store.

That means, we always find good apps from the play store and provide them for Android users. That way, after much research, we have selected this application which has been used by many people and has given their best opinion and included in this article.

So, you use this and post your top opinion in the comment box, and we will reply to it soon. Remember you can also share this with your friends if you like and bye thank you for your patient reading.

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