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Smart App Lock
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In today’s digital age, privacy and security have become paramount concerns for smartphone users worldwide. With an array of personal and sensitive information stored on our devices, safeguarding our data from prying eyes has never been more critical.

Smart App Lock emerges as the leading choice, securing its place as the #1 app locker in 54 countries, earning the trust of millions of satisfied users globally.

Smart App Lock

Understanding Smart App Lock

What sets Smart App Lock apart is its simplicity and effectiveness. This lightweight application, approved by Google, offers users a seamless experience without bombarding them with advertisements.

Its primary function is to provide a layer of security for various apps like Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Hangouts, WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Camera, Gallery, Photos, and Videos.

Play Store App Lock App

App RoleApps Lock
ReferGoogle Play Store
Download (Nowadays)1M+ (60.4K reviews)

Ease of Use

Smart App Lock operates effortlessly. Once an app is selected for locking within the Smart Lock interface, a password is designated.

Subsequently, whenever the locked app is accessed on your device, it prompts the user to enter the pre-set password for access. This simple yet robust mechanism ensures that only authorized individuals can access the protected applications.

Exclusive Features of Smart App Lock

What makes Smart App Lock the top choice among users globally?

Ad-Free Experience: Unlike many other similar applications, Smart App Locker stands out by providing an ad-free environment, ensuring uninterrupted usage.

Completely Free: The app comes with no hidden costs or subscription fees, making it accessible to all users without any financial constraints.

Minimal Size: Its small size doesn’t compromise its functionality, allowing users to benefit from its features without occupying excessive space on their devices.

Minimal Battery Impact: Users need not worry about excessive battery drainage as Smart Apps Lock operates efficiently without impacting device performance.

Regular Updates: The team behind Smart App Lock prioritizes user satisfaction by consistently rolling out updates, and enhancing the app’s security features and overall performance.

Fingerprint Unlock: Embracing the latest technology, Smart App Locker offers a fingerprint unlock option for supported devices, adding an extra layer of convenience and security.

Super Secret Mode: For those seeking enhanced privacy, the app offers a super-secret mode, enabling users to hide the app’s icon from the device’s screen.

Versatile Locking Mechanisms: Whether it’s a PIN lock, pattern lock, password lock, or an intuitive crash screen lock, Smart App Lock accommodates various locking preferences for users’ convenience and security needs.

Support and Assistance: Should users have any queries, or concerns, or require assistance, the Smart App Lock team is readily available via email at

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