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More precious than your mobile, we decided to provide a better help to protect your mobile applications. So decided and then selected top 20 google play store application is in this article (Perfect AppLock).

You can protect all your mobile installed applications with this one Perfect AppLock application. For example, 10 million people have installed this application, which offers so many features that no one can unlock, it will also take their photo and show you.

Yes, we saw such a good application, downloaded it, tried it, and decided to continue using it. Then we write this article with an aim to provide this to you as well. So, take a look at the article and get the chance to apply.

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Perfect AppLock For Android

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App RoleApp Lock
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According to Perfect AppLock developer

Behold, the Google TOP 20 application!

“All Features of FREE version align with the Pro version! (absolutely no limitations!)”

Perfection in the realm of application locking has been achieved! Perfect AppLock empowers you to safeguard the sanctity of any application you desire, utilizing the formidable arsenal of PIN, Pattern, or Gesture protection.

The range of applications that can be shielded encompasses the likes of WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, SMS, Email, Gallery, Camera, USB connections, the sacred confines of Settings, and indeed, any application that catches your discerning eye.

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Key Attributes:

  • Imprison any application employing the sanctity of pin, pattern, or gesture.
  • Screen Filtering prowess: Proficiently oversee the luminance of individual applications.
  • Rigorously enforce Rotation Lock: A guardian against the vexing whirlwind of unwanted screen rotations.
  • Sentry Mode: Upon the third futile password endeavor, an inbuilt camera captures a snapshot of the audacious intruder.
  • Constrain the audacious access to WiFi, 3G data, Bluetooth, Sync functions, and USB connections (Please note that MTP finds no solace here).
  • Command the fortifications of your Home Screen, the oversight of Outgoing Calls, the fortress guarding Incoming Calls, and the dominion over App Installations and Uninstallations.
  • Tailor your security settings with the precision of Time and WiFi.
  • Mirage Mode: Unveils a counterfeit error message when the protected application is summoned.
  • Consumes a mere modicum of resources.
  • Commence the AppLock service remotely with the simplicity of an SMS directive.
  • Embrace the multi-faceted security provided by Gesture, Pin, Pattern, or Text-based passcodes.


  • The ‘Call’ privilege is enlisted for the Stealth Mode feature, ensuring that its presence remains clandestine.
  • The ‘SMS’ entitlement is commanded for the Remote Control capability, permitting you to set the AppLock service in motion via SMS.
  • The ‘Take Picture’ permission has been granted for the Watchdog feature.
  • AppLock Service initiation is requisite following each and every update.
  • The ‘Phone Calls’ authorization is vital for Stealth Mode.
  • Please designate one launcher as the default choice if you’re graced with multiple.
  • Kindly note that Perfect AppLock does not offer solace to those with diminutive screen-sized phones such as the HTC Wildfire.
  • Should the need for bulk procurement arise (100 – 200 copies or more), we invite you to initiate contact through email. Post completion of the transaction via PayPal, the AppLock apk file will be dispatched for straightforward installation across an array of devices.
  • If you’re inclined to contribute to the translation endeavors (transmuting English to your preferred language) of this application, we extend a warm invitation to reach out. Additionally, any aberrations in the application’s usage of the English language are welcomed to be reported.

Android 5.1.1 Lollipop – The sacred realms of 100% Compatibility.

This application asserts its dominion with the revered “Device Administrator” privileges.

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How to download Perfect AppLock?

You will be given the option to download the application in two ways, both of which you will finally get the option to go to the Google Play Store where you can download the original application, scroll down to get that option.

The first way is if you are satisfied with the information read in this article then immediately go to play store and go to these parts for it.

The second way is to go to another area and from there you can go to the play store, if so after seeing the comments made by the developer, click on the green button below.

Let’s talk about Perfect AppLock

Usually, when we buy a mobile, we spend more and buy it. But over time we fill up more and more of our data with applications that can be installed on it.

True, the value of the applications in our mobile is more than our mobile when we fill it up, for example our mobile can be available to anyone who wants it, but the information contained in it should not be available to him.

do you understand Even if the mobile is stolen, the information in it should not be stolen, at the same time no one should open our application without our permission, that’s what this article is for, we say goodbye and choose the next application and walk.

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