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The Duplicates Cleaner app efficiently identifies and removes duplicate images, audio files, videos, and documents, optimizing storage on your device. It’s highly rated with over 1 million downloads and a small 20MB footprint.

Official SitePlay Store
Use Of The ApplicationMobile Duplicates Cleaner App
Nowadays Installs1M+ Downloads with 144K reviews
App Size20MB only
Offered ByIntellectual Logic Studios
App PolicyPrivacy Policy
Contact DeveloperContact Developer
Released onJan 14, 2018
The last update is based on the article’s publicationJun 11, 2024

Are you facing STORAGE ISSUES on your device? Is your device LOW ON STORAGE? Do you want to INCREASE STORAGE on your device? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, look no further and hit that “INSTALL” button. The Duplicates Cleaner app is here to help you free up space quickly and easily.

App Overview

Duplicates Cleaner is a MOBILE DUPLICATES CLEANER APP available on the official Play Store. Since its release on January 14, 2018, it has gained over 1 MILLION DOWNLOADS and has been reviewed by 144,000 USERS. The app is small, taking up only 20MB of space, and is offered by Intellectual Logic Studios.

For more information about the app’s policies, you can check out the App Policy. If you need to contact the developer, visit their Contact Page. The last update was on June 11, 2024.

Efficient Duplicate Cleaning

The Duplicates Cleaner app uses cutting-edge proprietary techniques to identify and remove “GENUINE DUPLICATES” from your device. It can find and clean DUPLICATE IMAGES, DUPLICATE AUDIO FILES, DUPLICATE VIDEOS, and DUPLICATE DOCUMENTS in the simplest way. This makes it the MOST EFFICIENT duplicate media remover app, better than any other duplicate file finder app or junk cleaner app available in the store.

Optimized Performance

No other duplicate cleaner app can beat duplicate cleaner in terms of file deletion performance. The app is great for recovering LOADS OF STORAGE SPACE very effectively and efficiently, all with just a few taps. If you want to FREE UP SPACE quickly, this app is the perfect solution.

Guided Instructions

After installing the app, don’t forget to check out the informative slides for a QUICK START. These slides will guide you on how to use the app effectively to clean up your device and reclaim storage space.

User Testimonials

Duplicates Cleaner is an OUTSTANDING PRODUCT and was given the ‘EXCELLENT’ award by its users.” – Michael Ganss,

Install Duplicates Cleaner App!

Duplicates Cleaner

Clean up storage efficiently with the Duplicates Cleaner app! Remove duplicate files, free up space, and boost performance. Over 1M downloads. Install now!

Are you ready to boost your device’s INTERNAL STORAGE effortlessly? Hit that “INSTALL” button now and experience the benefits of the Duplicates Cleaner app. Free up space, improve your device’s performance, and never worry about duplicate files again!

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