PROTECT TOUCH: Keep Your Phone Safe with Photo Touch Lock Screen: A Handy Guide

Keep Your Phone Safe with Photo Touch Lock Screen
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In today’s fast-moving world, keeping your phone safe is super important. With all the online threats and privacy worries, having good security for your phone is a must.

That’s where the Photo Touch Lock Screen app comes in handy. It’s a new kind of screen lock that’s made just for phones. Let’s dive into what it does and how to use it easily.

What’s a Photo Touch Lock Screen?

Photo Touch Lock Screen is a special phone security app. It lets you lock your phone with a touch password. Instead of typing in numbers or drawing patterns, you pick spots on the screen to touch.

Touch lock screen photo password app for Android

App RolePhoto Touch Lock Screen
Refer byGoogle Play Store
Offer byCards
Released onOct 19, 2014
Download (Nowadays)5M+ (12.6K+ reviews)
App Size (Nowadays)44MB
WebsiteSite & Privacy

How to Use Photo Touch Lock Screen App:

Get It: First, download and install the Photo Touch Lock Screen app from your phone’s app store.

Set Up Your Touch Password: When you open the app, it’ll ask you to choose 2-4 spots on the screen for your touch password.

Remember Your Backup Password: If you forget your touch password, don’t worry. You can set up a backup password (called a PIN password) to help you get back in.

Make It Yours: You can customize your lock screen by picking a picture from your phone’s wallpaper, or gallery, or by taking a photo. You can also choose from lots of different themes for your lock screen.

Stay Secure: The app keeps your phone safe by making you use your PIN password if you mess up your Touch password six times.

Why Pick Photo Touch Lock Screen?

Here’s why this app is great:

  • Your Own Security: Set your unique touch password to keep your phone safe.
  • Make It Yours: Customize your lock screen with cool themes and pictures.
  • Backup Plan: Don’t stress if you forget your touch password. You can use your PIN password instead.
  • Extra Safe: The app has extra security measures to stop people from getting into your phone.
  • Easy to Use: It’s simple to navigate, so you won’t get lost.

Touch Lock Screen Touch Photo Video Tutorial


Touch Lock Screen Touch Photo Video Tutorial


Touch Lock Screen Touch Photo Video Tutorial in Tamil

a Photo Touch Lock Screen! Set a unique touch password, Download now!

Touch Lock Screen Touch Photo

Secure your phone with a Photo Touch Lock Screen! Set a unique touch password & choose from 20+ themes. Download now for ultimate security!

Wrap Up

Photo Touch Lock Screen is a must-have app for anyone who wants to keep their phone safe. With its cool features and easy setup, you can relax knowing your phone is protected. So, go ahead and download Photo Touch Lock Screen now to take control of your phone’s security.

And don’t forget to leave a review! Your feedback helps us make the app even better. Keep your phone safe with a Photo Touch Lock Screen and keep your privacy intact in today’s digital world.

Download the Photo Touch Lock Screen today and take control of your mobile security!

Note: In-app purchases are available to remove ads. If you encounter any issues logging in with your PIN code or PIN password, try restarting your phone and attempting again.

Don’t forget to leave us a review and share your experience with the Photo Touch Lock Screen app! Your feedback helps us improve and enhance our security features.

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