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Recover deleted WhatsApp messages without backup
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Read WhatsApp messages incognito, hide blue ticks, and recover deleted chats! The ultimate privacy tool for WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger. Try it now!


In today’s privacy is more important than ever. With the rise of messaging apps like WhatsApp, it’s easy to feel like your personal conversations are always under scrutiny.

But what if there was a way to take back control of your privacy? Enter ghosted | Hidden Chat | Recover Deleted Messages – the ultimate solution for keeping your WhatsApp chats incognito and secure.

What is a ghosted App?

The Ghosted | Hidden Chat | Recover Deleted Messages is a powerful tool designed to give you complete control over your WhatsApp conversations.

With its innovative features, you can read messages without alerting the sender, hide your online status, and even recover deleted messages. It’s the ultimate way to keep your chats private.

Play Store Recover Chat with Media App

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Chat Incognito Mode On Android

Read WhatsApp Incognito & Recover Deleted Messages
Read WhatsApp Incognito & Recover Deleted Messages (Play Store)

One of the standout features of Ghosted is its ability to allow you to read messages without leaving any trace. Say goodbye to those pesky blue ticks and seen notifications – with ghosted, you can read messages in incognito mode, giving you the freedom to browse your conversations without worrying about your privacy being compromised.

WAMR (WhatsApp Media Recovery)

Ever had a friend delete a message before you could read it? ghosted has got you covered. With its WhatsApp Media Recovery feature, you can recover deleted messages and media attachments, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks.

How does it work?

Recover deleted WhatsApp messages without backup video (Play Store & Canva Edits with Audio)

ghosted works by encrypting all messages on your device, so it can’t access them directly. Instead, it reads incoming notifications and creates a backup from the notification history. This means that your data remains secure and private at all times.

Supported Apps

In addition to WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business, ghosted also supports Instagram and Facebook Messenger. So no matter which platform you use, you can rest assured that your conversations are safe and secure.


  • Read and reply to messages incognito
  • Send messages to unsaved phone numbers without revealing your last seen status
  • Recover deleted messages for offline chat
  • View and send images without triggering blue ticks
  • Listen and send voice notes
  • Start calls within the app
  • Completely hidden from prying eyes

Required Permissions


ghosted requires notification access permission to receive incoming messages in the background. However, the background service can be stopped at any time in the settings screen.

Additionally, ghosted may require permissions for calls, cameras, contacts, and external files, depending on your device and usage.

Protect Your Privacy with Ghosted | Hidden Chat | Recover Deleted Messages!

How to recover permanently deleted WhatsApp messages

Read WhatsApp messages in incognito mode! Hide blue ticks, recover deleted texts, and more with ghosted | Hidden Chat | Recover Deleted Messages. Take back your privacy now!

Protect Your Privacy Today

In a world where privacy is increasingly hard to come by, ghosted | Hidden Chat | Recover Deleted Messages is a breath of fresh air.

With its advanced features and robust security measures, you can finally take back control of your WhatsApp conversations. So why wait? Download Ghosted today and start chatting with confidence. Your privacy is worth it.

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