Pure Back Screen Lock App For Android

Secure your phone effortlessly with the Black Screen app today!
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In the present way of life, money become very important to everyone, protecting your MOBILE is more important than ever.

With so many lock options like fingerprint, pattern, and number locks, you might think your phone is safe. But these methods still allow others to try and unlock your device.

That’s where the BLACK SCREEN app comes in. This unique Binarybox Black screen app offers a simple yet powerful way to keep your phone secure.

Official SitePlay Store
App NameBlack Screen
Nowadays Installs100K+ Downloads
App Size1 MB Only
Offered ByBinarybox

Key Features Of Binarybox application

  • Perfectly Black Screen: The app makes your screen completely black (#000000), ensuring no one can see or interact with it.
  • Hides Notification Panel: It hides the notification panel so that no messages or alerts can be viewed or accessed.
  • Hides Navigation Buttons: Navigation buttons are also hidden, preventing any attempt to navigate away from the black screen.
  • Prevents Screen from Sleeping: The screen stays awake, maintaining its black state until you decide to unlock it.

Why Choose Black Screen App?

Simplicity and Security

The BLACK SCREEN app offers an extra layer of SECURITY by not giving anyone a chance to attempt unlocking your device. Binarybox makes it a choice for those who need supreme safety with minimal effort.

Lightweight and Efficient

At just 1MB, this app won’t take up much space on your phone. Black Screen app is designed to be easy, making it run smoothly without slow down your phone’s ability.

Easy to Use

Once installed, using the app is straightforward. You don’t need to navigate complex settings or configurations in this Binarybox Black Screen app. Just activate the BLACK SCREEN, and your phone is secured instantly.

How to Install and Use the Black Screen App

  1. Download and Install: Go to the Play Store and search for “Black Screen app by binarybox.” Download and install the app.
  2. Open the App: Launch the app from your app drawer.
  3. Activate Black Screen: Follow the simple on-screen instructions to activate the black screen lock.
  4. Enjoy Enhanced Security: Your phone is now protected with a completely black screen.

Install: Secure your phone easily with the Black Screen app from binarybox.

Black Screen app

Secure your phone easily with the Black Screen app from binarybox.

The Binarybox BLACK SCREEN app is a simple yet supreme app for securing your android device. Binarybox’s different approach to phone safety, it offers relax by preventing any unauthorized access. If you want to enhance your phone’s protection easily and effectively, the BLACK SCREEN app is the perfect solution.

Download the BLACK SCREEN app today from the Play Store and experience a new level of mobile security.

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