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  • With calculator password protection, App Hider allows you to hide applications in hidden spaces.
  • App Hider provides you with a privacy space for hiding private apps.
  • App Hider helps you create a copy of system apps, then you can hide the app copy, which is a better way to protect the hidden apps.
  • App Hider also allows you to keep the system app and the app copy to log in to 2 accounts simultaneously on your phone.
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App RoleLock app
Downloads (Nowadays)1o,000,000+ downloads
Offered By2Face Studio – App Cloner
Download Size13 MB
Release DateNov 29, 2018

Hide Apps is a hide-apps application for hiding app icons from the screen without root.

  • This hidden program is based on a parallel space behind the fake calculator.
  • Clone dual app messengers and hide the cloned one.
  • Hidden space for second accounts

You can keep double apps on your phone, or uninstall the system app to hide completely.

Important tips:

  • Hidden applications are hidden in the calculator, they are cloned applications. Because, since Android 6.0, no one can hide the icon, you can only hide the application by cloning.
  • If you want to hide completely, please uninstall the system apps that have been cloned and use the cloned apps only in Hide Apps.

A whole new way to hide icons from the screen without root:

  • Clone application from the phone to the hidden space;
  • Run the hidden applications and make sure they work.
  • Method 1: After cloning, uninstall the system to be completely hidden.
  • Method 2: Keep 2 accounts coexisting. For example, keep 2 Apps at the same time, the hidden one is used to log in to the privacy account.
  • Fake calculator for password lock.

Some features:

  • Hidden space for hiding cloned apps;
  • Clone apps from the phone;
  • Hidden from the most recent task view;
  • Fake calculator interface and lock, fake calculator icon;
  • Hidden apps list to help uninstall system apps;
  • Multiple accounts for multiple channels;

Privacy Policy:

  • Some applications need to apply for permission to keep the app running.
  • Hidden App Space will never collect your personal information;
  • Be sure to remember the password as it is not modifiable

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