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If we want to call someone close to us, we should call him by his name, and only if that and the way we call him (our face) reflect beautifully, he will come near us, come and talk to us nicely, this can happen in person.

But in today’s time, even people who are far away have a chance to call us and talk to us, mobile phone is what is used to call us. That is, we will have a unique 10-digit mobile number that we can use to contact us.

So, when our friends or relatives contact us, their mobile numbers will be reflected on our mobile display, then this website article has a great Play Store Call Screen application that provides a great experience with good facial expressions and beautiful lights.

What is the purpose of this article?

The main reason why we thought to provide you with the call screen app android application is that your website is related to Android applications and also because we have taken this application from the google play store which is best for mobile users because only applications that follow the policy of play store will get a place in play store.

That way the best Call Screen application is used by more than 10+ million people till now the related information and photos of this application are given below, you can see them and download and use them.

What is Call Screen App used for?

As far as this colour call lovely call screen application is concerned, it will reflect the beautiful appearance of the incoming call on your mobile display, and it is used by many people willingly it is also easy to use.

When a mobile call comes in, your mobile will light up in a colourful rainbow pattern for a delightful experience. It reacts differently when you pick up the phone and attend to an incoming call.

What are the benefits of the call screen app Android?

As far as this is concerned, it offers a special miracle to those who want to present their phone in public places and want to see a beautiful look rather than a normal look when they receive an incoming call.

It also has the added advantage of being an application available from the Play Store. It is very useful for those who want to always look new and use their mobile in a new way.

App Details

App roleCall Screen
Official SitePlay Store
Nowadays reviews136K reviews
Nowadays Install10M+
Published byVAVA Music Player – MP3 Player, Volume Booster
App Policy

Want to colour your call screen? Want to impress your friends, when they see your stylish color caller screen? Want to see the colour flashlight alert and never miss any important call? Call Screen Themes – Caller Screen, and Color Phone will do all these for you.

  • Caller ID
  • Dynamic Call Answer Button
  • LED Call Flash Alert
  • Live Wallpaper Call Screen Themes


Live Wallpaper Call Screen Themes: Color Phone Flash provides various beautiful, stylish, and colorful caller screen themes with live wallpaper. Make your incoming calls visible with cool call flash effects on Call Screen.

LED Call Flash Alert: Color call flashlights remind you of incoming calls. The color torch will let you never miss any important calls anymore when you cannot hear your phone ring.

Dynamic Call Answer Button: In every caller theme, there is a call answer button with cool dynamic effects, which makes your caller id more amazing.

Caller ID: identify who is calling you, you can see the caller name and caller number from the caller color screen.

Developer promise

Update new themes every week: All the call themes are free and updated weekly.

Download Color Phone Flash: Call Screen Themes now, colour your call, and let your friends say wow!

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LED color call screen app download 1 ShortsKk
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color call screen app download 1 ShortsKk
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call screen app download 1 ShortsKk
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call screen app android 1 ShortsKk
Image Credit: Play Store

How to download the color call screen?

It is very easy for you to download this Call Screen application, and grab that chance on the play store, the way in the article. Already more than 10 million people have downloaded it from the play store. So, you must follow the same and that will be the best.

How does LED color call screen app work?

The main feature of this colour call screen application is that it will change the beauty of incoming calls on your phone in a completely different way, it will give you a dynamite look, it will give you an additional LED flash option, and it has a variety of home screens that you can customize and use.

LED Call screen Flash Alert app shortskk

Our opinion on call screen app download!

As far as this is concerned, it is a great call screen application, so you must use it. Generally before using an application, we need to see its reliability and the problems we face while using it.

As far as the good feedback about this application is still going on the play store, we can see the feedback, currently, one lakh 36 thousand people have given their feedback based on this article and it has got 4.5 tradings considered as a good rating on the play store, and we as read in the article more than 10 million people are using it till date.

So you can use it according to your own choice, but we recommend you because it is the best application of play store and remember that the articles in this website are published following the policy of Google.

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