Screenshot Touch

Screenshot Touch: Capture, Record, and Share - Your Ultimate Screen Companion

By M Raj             July 25, 2023

Screen Companion

Easily capture screenshots via touch, notification area, overlay icon, or device shake.

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Screen Record MP4

Record screen videos in mp4 format with adjustable options like resolution, frame rate, bit rate, and audio settings.

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URL options

Whole scroll capture for web pages with an in-app browser.

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Scroll Capture

Two scroll capture methods are available for seamless use.

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Rotation & Crop

Photo viewer and image cropper with rotation and crop ratio options.

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Add Annotations

Add annotations to images with drawing tools like pen, text, rectangle, circle, and more.

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Share captured images with other installed apps for user control.

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Dynamic Features:

Customizable capture options, including save directory, subfolders, file format, jpeg quality, and capture delay.

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