Vault Notepad App Hider Download

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Advantages of Notepad Vault hidden applications:

  • Notice bar information tips, only show the standard calculator’s icon
  • Check phone system settings, the application name is Calculator+ (not app hider)
  • When Checking recent apps, the app name is Notepad Vault(not app hider)

Play Store Notepad Vault: Securely Hide Apps & Photos with Ease!

Published ByPlay Store
App RoleVault App
Downloads (Nowadays)1,000,000+ downloads
Offered ByHide Apps (NO ROOT)
Download Size18 MB Only
Release DateJun 5, 2019

Notepad Vault can help you to hide any app. And keep your privacy by hiding apps. You can open hidden apps in Notepad Vault or the interface of your phone.

Also, Notepad Vault provides a hidden picture function, your pictures are imported into the gallery, and others cannot see these photos. You can browse protected pictures in Hider’s gallery.

App Characteristics:

  • Hide all installed applications (No ROOT Obtaining)
  • Password protection(When the first time,need to create the password)
  • Supports hiding any applications used on mobile phones(Easy way to hide apps)
  • The Hidden app can be used in the Notepad Vault, also use the main interface on the phone.
  • Open the app with just the standard calculator, if don’t know the password can’t use the Notepad Vault.
  • Hide Notifications, provide notifications in 3 modes all / just number/none
  • Hide apps from recent
  • Gallery Module to hide photos /pictures(Protect your secret photos/pictures,avoid others find them)
  • Add shortcut to hidden camera(use the hider’s built-in camera to take private photos)
  • Hide Videos and play Videos