Install Notepad: Your Secret Gallery Vault for Privacy Protection

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Play Store Vault App
Play Store Vault App

Secure Your Personal Files and Keep Them Hidden from Prying Eyes

Published ByPlay Store
App RoleNotepad Vault
Downloads (Nowadays)10,000+ downloads
Offered ByClechilipe
Download Size2MB
Release DateFeb 17, 2020

Notepad is a secret gallery vault app that is used to hide gallery images and videos and also hide music and save secret notes using a secret PIN code behind the notepad.

Core Feature:

Hide/Lock Photos, videos, and audio files: You can hide photos, videos, and audio files, After hiding in this vault those files will not show in the gallery.

Smart & Secure Vault: This vault will show Notepad when the app opens, but if you Tap and hold on to the Notepad title then the Actual vault will be open.

Secret Passcode: This vault only be accessed by your secret passcode.

Easily Unlock/Unhide files: You can easily unlock or unhide your hidden files back to your gallery.

How to use

Open app.
Now Tap and Hold on the Notepad Title.
Set your secret Pincode.
Now you can access the secret vault behind the notepad.