Profile Perfect: No-Crop Photo Editor

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Disclaimer: All the information that you are going to see in this section is collected from Google Play Store and it is true that it is collected from there without modification only for people who want to download this Profile Perfect (MediaCrop) application.

Yes, this is just for the purpose of providing better understanding and good explanation before install. Also let’s travel and thank Google Play Store for giving us this opportunity and the developer who designed the application (Amalgam Apps).

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Published ByPlay Store
App RoleWhatsApp
Downloads (Nowadays)10,000,000+ downloads
Offered ByAmalgam Apps
Download Size20MB
Release DateNA

Profile picture without cropping, DP for social media, square fit size 1:1

Every time you change your profile picture it’s needed to be cropped and frequently you lose a substantial part of the photo.

This app will automatically adjust the picture size to be the maximum allowed without losing any part of it, avoiding cropped pictures.

You can load any picture from your photo gallery or take one with your device camera.

If your picture is not square sized, you can fill the empty spaces with a color or a wallpaper background. With over 1000 square background images and 300 photo frames!

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Try our photo filters:

  • 15 Basic filters that will improve your photo instantly.
  • 30 Color filters.
  • 19 Artistic Filters (Antique, Grayscale, Sepia, Retro, Sunlight, Blue Bath, Nostalgia, Pen, Posterize, Sketch, Emboss …)

Edit your photo professionally with Color Adjustments, Tint, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, Exposure, Color Balances, Outline, Glow, Black / White Input / Output Levels, Pixelate, Posterize, Vignette.

Add special effects to your photos:

  • 14 love effects, add hearts to your image.
  • 16 Effects of Light Leaks to give luminosity and color.
  • 10 Lens flare effects to add sun flare.
  • 14 Rain Effects.
  • 46 Bokeh Effects with it you will add beautiful effects shaped like lights.
  • 7 Vintage Effects to give your image a retro effect.
  • 4 Dust effects.
  • 23 Fire Effects.
  • 5 Smoke effects.

You can also set the size, rotation and position of the picture using pinch gesture and sliding the picture.

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  • Is the easiest no crop photo editor for social media.
  • It is useful for automatically change the DP (Display image).
  • Profile photo uncropped. No crop photo.
  • No crop pic. Easy to use and quick.
  • Try out our no crop pictures editor for free
  • You can choose the cropping options. Circle fit or Square fit
  • Photo Resizer. Automatic resizing. Resize to square picture 1:1
  • Manual adjustment in size and rotation (pinch gesture) and position (slide a finger).
  • Selection of pictures from the photo album.
  • Take a picture from the camera.
  • Control of image rotation.
  • You can select the background color of the square photo.
  • Select the wallpaper of the square pic
  • You can put any picture inside the circle profile pic!
  • Small size. Download size is less than 15MBs.
  • Now better image quality!
  • Mediacrop saves your dp photos in full size in the “Mediacrop” folder in high quality. Before in “Whastcrop” Album.