Legacy Launcher: Revive the Classic LG Experience

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Legacy Launcher Revive the Classic LG Experience

Reviving Nostalgia: The Classic LG Launcher App Returns

Published ByPlay Store
Downloads (Nowadays)1,000+ downloads
Offered ByTaTa
Download Size7MB
Release DateNov 13, 2022
  • Launcher LG with the interface goes back to the old LG launcher for Android.
  • Launcher LG Old is an application with an interface almost like the old LG, which almost everyone has experienced before.
  • You can press the number to jump faster if you are too lazy to press the next button.
  • You can set the wallpaper by sharing and getting it back from the app.
  • You can try to shortcut the app so you can access it faster.
  • You can get notifications from this old LG launcher, and you can hide apps you don’t want to show to others. Has almost the full functionality of an old LG launcher.
  • This application specifically asks for admin rights if you want to lock the screen.


  • Long-click number 1 -> 6 to open the app shortcut (top view).
  • Touch the number keyboard with the number 0 -> 9, *, # to call or save contact, or message.
  • ONLY click the button keyboard, not the action screen home, alien.


  • Can change wallpaper, synchronize wallpaper, or set wallpaper with a shared image.
  • Edit the shortcut app when choosing the shortcut app, it shows at HOME.
  • Hide apps if you have not seen them.
  • Change brand name with keyboard bottom.
  • And change the launcher default if you do not use our app.
  • Video tutorials for newbies, you can learn using our app.
Revive the Classic LG Experience


  • Can select an app with click “OK”, you only can move to select with the function keyboard.
  • Click “Option”, you can hide or add a shortcut app, open the app, and app information.