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Protect your privacy with the most accurate hidden camera detector app on the market!

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App RolePrivacy
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Release DateMay 30, 2023

Key features:

Detect hidden cameras and microphones: This spy camera detector app uses your phone’s magnetometer sensor to detect hidden cameras and microphones. The app will alert you if it finds a device that is emitting a strong magnetic field, which is a common characteristic of hidden cameras and spy cameras.

Scan for infrared cameras: This app can also scan for infrared cameras. Infrared cameras emit a type of light that is invisible to the naked eye but can be seen by the app’s camera.

Easy to use: The microphone detector app is very simple and easy to use. Simply open the app and scan the surrounding area. If the app finds a hidden camera or microphone, it will alert you to a sound and vibration.

Privacy-friendly: This camera detector app does not collect any personal data. It only uses the magnetometer sensor and the camera to detect hidden devices.


  • Peace of mind: With Hidden Camera Detector, you can be sure that your privacy is protected.
  • Convenience: The app is easy to use and can be used anywhere.
  • Accuracy: Hidden Camera Detector is one of the most accurate hidden camera detectors on the market.

Download Hidden Camera Detector today and protect your privacy!

Here are some additional tips for using a hidden camera detector app:

  • Make sure that your phone has a magnetometer sensor. Not all phones have this sensor, so check your phone’s specifications before downloading the app.
  • Close any other apps that are using the magnetometer sensor before using the hidden camera detector app. This will ensure that the app is able to get accurate readings.
  • Move the phone slowly and evenly when scanning for hidden cameras. This will help to prevent false positives.