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Grow your business with SKEDit. The all-in-one Scheduling Autoresponder app allows you to Schedule WhatsApp messages & status, Schedule Telegram & Messenger messages, set WhatsApp & Telegram AutoReplies, and Schedule SMS & Emails.

This Scheduling app & Autoresponder acts like your personal assistant. Boost productivity, save time, and reduce stress!

Schedule, AutoSend, AutoReply; SKEDit – Set your communication on Autopilot:

Published ByPlay Store
App RoleWhatsApp
Downloads (Nowadays)1,000,000+ downloads
Offered BySKEDit Software International
Download Size18 MB Only
Release DateSep 5, 2016

SKEDit is a marketing and productivity tool for small businesses & busy individuals that covers the whole communication cycle. SKEDit schedules WhatsApp messages, Schedules Telegram & Messenger messages, AutoSends Messages, and AutoReplies to incoming responses! Let SKEDit take care of your communication while you focus on something else!

Why SKEDit:

  • Increase your audience reach. Win more business– contact more people faster with Message & Status scheduling
  • Improve engagement & experience– send personalized messages to many people at the right time. Set custom AutoReply rules to complete the communication cycle
  • Boost productivity, save time, & organize your communication with SKEDit’s various scheduling features
  • Stay on top of important communication by planning it ahead of time
  • View your communication schedule across multiple channels in one place
  • Let SKEDit do the hard work while you focus on other tasks – SKEDit schedules, SKEDit sends, SKEDit replies!


  • Automate WhatsApp, automate Telegram & Messenger messages
  • Schedule WhatsApp Status
  • Send unlimited messages
  • Add unlimited recipients
  • Schedule and autosend Location
  • WhatsApp AutoResponder: set custom auto-reply rules
  • Set customized repeats when scheduling
  • Create Drip Message Campaigns for WhatsApp, Telegram & Messenger
  • Add recipients in bulk with .csv
  • Calendar View of messages scheduled
  • Multiple contact selection
  • Create & Save Message Templates for Telegram & Messenger & WhatsApp scheduling & WhatsApp Auto-replies
  • Use Labels to categorize scheduled messages
  • Message Statistics & Analytics
  • Multi-language support

Add unlimited attachments: Images, videos, audio, .pdf, documents, & more. Possible Use Cases

  • Marketing & Sales: Lead follow-ups, push product promotions and new collections, Engage with customers with various announcements, etc.
  • Business Productivity: Auto-send messages in different time zones automatically, Send instructions to your team, Send out job opportunities, etc.
  • Reminders: Appointment & task reminders, Special occasion reminders & greetings (birthdays, new year), General announcements.

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[1] Choose Communication Service: Select the channel you’d like to automate or set auto-replies to
[2] Add Content: Write down your message or WhatsApp status
[3] Schedule: Set the exact time & date for your message, sit back & relax while SKEDit handles the rest: from auto-sending to auto-reply.

What resources do I have to keep my account safe:

Program guidelines. Policy refreshers to keep your account safe.

DISCLAIMER & PERMISSIONS: SKEDit is NOT affiliated with WhatsApp NOR Telegram NOR Messenger. WhatsApp & Messenger are registered Trademarks of Facebook Inc. TELEGRAM is a trademark of TELEGRAM FZ-LLC.

Accessibility API: SKEDit uses Android Accessibility services to automate sending of messages created by the user and send messages on the user’s behalf at the scheduled time. SKEDit mimics user behavior on screen, sending automatically to all added recipients using Accessibility.

SKEDit does NOT use Accessibility to modify any user settings, NOR it prevents users from uninstalling the app. SKEDit does NOT use Accessibility to work around Android built-in privacy controls/notifications.